psx4iphone v1.0.0 Coming to Cydia

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free or Donation   

psx4iphone Well guys, it’s finally here. Now that the iPhone 3GS is jailbreakable, ZodTTD has released version 1.0.0 of psx4iphone. I don’t see it in Cydia yet, but I’m sure it will show up soon. We will let you know when we see it. Make sure you have the ZodTTD source installed. Below is what ZodTTD has to say about the release (you will want to read it).

Note: This app will not show up as a new/updated app. However, if you search for it in Cydia, it will be there. Instructions are included in the package description. For more info, read below. [Read more…]

psx4iphone, PlayStation Emulator, on the iPhone 3GS

psx4iphone Well, ZodTTD is at it again. He has got psx4iphone, a PlayStation emulator, running on an iPhone 3GS and says that it is pretty sweet.

“I now have psx4iphone running very speedy on the 3GS. It’s at the point where Final Fantasy 7 is fullspeed at very least without sound. The build is rough around the edges, as you can’t switch games without restarting the emulator, and only memory card saves are currently working, no save states just yet. Both these issues are being worked on.”

Below is a video demo of psx4iphone running on an iPhone 3GS.
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A Falling Sand Game

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

A Falling Sand Game Yes, that is right…the title of the application is A Falling Sand Game (which for some reason I find funny! :)) This port is brought to us by ZodTTD…who also brought us psx4iphone, quake4iphone, genesis4iPhone, snes4iphone…etc. A Falling Sand Game is similar to EvolutionRGB (one of Doug’s absolute favorite games!) which we had in firmware 1.1.4.

So, like EvolutionRGB, the object of the “game” is to manipulate the environment. When the app opens, you can begin by selecting Let The Sand Fall. This will bring you to the main play screen where you see a few options. The little icons represent particles…such as, water, fire, sand, oil, plant, dirt…etc. Each particle responds differently with the rest for example, fire burns plants but water puts out fire. Once you select a particle, just drag your finger on the screen to drag that particle. You can also adjust the size of the particle using the slider bar. [Read more…]

Doom – Ported to the iPhone and iPod Touch

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Doom Well well, after a week-end of travel, I sit down to get back to work and what do I find, a Doom port! Very cool! The port is of the shareware version of Doom. When you open the application, you will come to a screen where you will need to tap Play. This will bring you into the game. The controls are on the screen. You can use the arrows to move the direction the arrow is pointing. Yes, there are two right arrows and yes, they do the same thing…move your guy to the right. To shoot, use the gun button in the upper right. To walk, just tilt your iPhone back. To stop walking, tilt your iPhone forward. The Open button is what you use to open doors. [Read more…]

quake4iphone – Quake 1 Ported to iPhone

quake ZodTTD has ported Quake 1 to the iPhone/iPod Touch…giving us quake4iphone. ZodTTD is also responsible for bringing us psx4iphone and snes4iphone. The application is not available yet, it is still in early development but below is a demo video and what the developer has to say about quake4iphone;

“In this video the controlpad screen in the bottom portion of the screen is not included. The initial release of quake4iphone will have similar controls to the Gameboy Advance emulator gpSPhone in portrait mode. Using the accelerometer is being considered for upcoming versions, if the demand is there.

I did include network play in this port, and allow for the command line interface to be used.

As firmware 1.2.0 is emerging, I must note I currently am in the process of organizing my code to update to it, including quake4iphone.

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Hedgewars for the iPhone

Hedgewars for the iPhone The Hedgewars team is working with ZodTTD to get the Hedgewars game ported to the iPhone (currently available for Windows and Linux). The game is in development and there is no information on when it will be released or whether it will be available via the AppStore of Installer. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Below is more info about Hedgewars and a demo video.

Hedgewars is a turn based, multiplayer, strategy game based on the ever so wonderful Worms Armageddon. In Hedgewars players take it in turns to control their team of hedgehogs, wielding a variety of wacky weaponry in order to annihilate the other team(s)! You can try the windows/linux versions over at Hedgewars (although we have progressed greatly from the current official release.) [Read more…]