quake4iphone – Quake 1 Ported to iPhone

quake ZodTTD has ported Quake 1 to the iPhone/iPod Touch…giving us quake4iphone. ZodTTD is also responsible for bringing us psx4iphone and snes4iphone. The application is not available yet, it is still in early development but below is a demo video and what the developer has to say about quake4iphone;

“In this video the controlpad screen in the bottom portion of the screen is not included. The initial release of quake4iphone will have similar controls to the Gameboy Advance emulator gpSPhone in portrait mode. Using the accelerometer is being considered for upcoming versions, if the demand is there.

I did include network play in this port, and allow for the command line interface to be used.

As firmware 1.2.0 is emerging, I must note I currently am in the process of organizing my code to update to it, including quake4iphone.

Demo video:

Watch “quake4iphone” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. That iss nicee.

  2. Lord of da flies says


  3. Totally off topic, i love what you did with the top link bar now. With the application button that flips down to app store, installer and web apps could you possibly make the app store and web app links to a page layout like with More Games or More iApp-a-day links.

    4Balls – Get four balls in a row; vertically, horizontally or diagonally.


    Jirbobreak – The classic superpong game with a modorn twist.

  4. Its moments like these that make me cry for using FW2.0.

    • Cramster911 says

      You dont have to cry much longer, the jailbreak is coming soon! soooo soonnn mannnn, i can feeel it! brand new installer version 4 on our new 2.0s is so close!!!

    • That’s definatly worth waiting for. maybe the DevTeam will get FW2.0 to run smoother than Apple did! LOL

  5. that’s crap… you won’t be able to play like this with iphone controls, what you see is a demo of someone playing it on the computer. that’s one of those games that you need a mouse, keyboard and a screen which you don’t need to hold.

    • Cramster911 says

      then why is it that we can play playstation and super nintendo no problem on the iphone? what makes this game so different than grand theft auto or castlevania or mario.

    • Arad and Cramster911 both bring up good points. That is not actually someone playing it in that video. It is the opening demo video in the game.

      Yes controls could be worked out, but that video is not proof that they have controls for the game. That is just a video of the game starting up.

      Hope that makes sense

    • Yeah, this will be hard to play, I think, when using a touch screen. We’ll have to wait and see!

    • Cramster911- you can’t compare mario that only uses buttons to a game like quake that uses the mouse to look and shoot and the keyboard to move around.

      The best controls for this game in my opinion is the accelerometer for movement and touchscreen for looking/shooting.

  6. if you are so good port crysis on iphone :)) at least a 1 level game :P

  7. That demo video is the background video that loads behind the menu bar ingame. its progress though,