quake4iphone 0.5.0-2

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

quake4iphoneWell, for all of you who think Cydia doesn’t have anything worth jailbreaking for, now there is. Quake has been ported to the iPhone and works on firmware 2.0. This game is very playable but only comes with the shareware Quake files so some of the levels are locked. The sound works great and I didn’t have any lag. Here are some screenshots. We’ll get a video review out as soon as we can. [Read more…]

quake4iphone – Quake 1 Ported to iPhone

quake ZodTTD has ported Quake 1 to the iPhone/iPod Touch…giving us quake4iphone. ZodTTD is also responsible for bringing us psx4iphone and snes4iphone. The application is not available yet, it is still in early development but below is a demo video and what the developer has to say about quake4iphone;

“In this video the controlpad screen in the bottom portion of the screen is not included. The initial release of quake4iphone will have similar controls to the Gameboy Advance emulator gpSPhone in portrait mode. Using the accelerometer is being considered for upcoming versions, if the demand is there.

I did include network play in this port, and allow for the command line interface to be used.

As firmware 1.2.0 is emerging, I must note I currently am in the process of organizing my code to update to it, including quake4iphone.

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