quake4iphone 0.5.0-2

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

quake4iphoneWell, for all of you who think Cydia doesn’t have anything worth jailbreaking for, now there is. Quake has been ported to the iPhone and works on firmware 2.0. This game is very playable but only comes with the shareware Quake files so some of the levels are locked. The sound works great and I didn’t have any lag. Here are some screenshots. We’ll get a video review out as soon as we can.

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  1. egh. not exciting.
    like i said before all i want to my themes back.

  2. hey how do we install?

    • go to “Cydia” on ur jailbroken 2.0 ipod or iphone, then navigate to “games” n u can find it there n install it

  3. Cramster says


  4. Hi,

    Not sure where to ask this; I don’t see any contact info. Anyway, is there any way you can tell us about the software installed with Cydia, and which is safe to uninstall? It seems like there are a lot of things installed, and I’m not sure if any of it is running in the bkgnd and affecting battery life. Here’s everything that’s listed in my ‘manage’ section of Cydia:

    ARM Floating Point
    Base Structure
    Berkeley DB
    Bourne-Again SHell
    Core Utilities
    Darwin Tools
    Debian Packager
    Find Utilities
    GNU Privacy Guard
    New Vi
    Tape Archive

    • agree … why so many things installed and anytime you uninstall it says are you sure…..usafe delete mode or whatever…seems strange not as easy as installer… i dont care either one but they need to be easy for the common folk!

    • DJContagious says

      chill out, those are things that allow applications to work, fix perms, change folders, ya know? Just the preperation for all the apps in Cydia. Installer has that pre-installed too, but doesnt show it.

  5. how i can save?

  6. LordOfFlies says

    nice but not nice enought to go to 2.0
    i want springdial, wifi toggle etc etc

  7. Gavin Harper says

    This kills my iphone…

    This and randomapps in Cydia freeze cydia then after a forced restart it hangs on boot screen…

    This happened with 2.0 legit (i’m an o2 uk user) and jailbroken…

    any ideas?

  8. dimitrios tsolakis says

    on trying to install this now my phone crashed i still prefer installer than cydia; installer is more user friendly as cydia is crowded with too many programming languages and you dont know what the heck to install first

  9. Aussiephone says

    Not a bad game, enough levels to want you to donate and receive more levels. Graphics are a little dark and hard to see sometimes. Some of the buttons aren’t active. Two things I don’t like, the game control buttons obscure game play and there’s no support for using accelerometer. I believe they’re making a game pad you can slot the phone into.

  10. hm I open up Cydia and dont see Quake anywhere. Do we need to add a source? Btw, Cydia is very well done, me likes more than Installer. Feels more sturdy.

    • never mind it showed up and I downloaded. Using the controls on the screen is kind of a drag, not super accurate. I wouldn’t mind at all a game pad as suggested by aussieiphone. Otherwise, awesome that people are willing to port stuff to iPhone while bypassing apps store. Seems there really is a future there and Apple must learn to deal with it.

    • No, we don’t. I prefer Installer, but Cydia is fine. At least there are SOMEthings in there, and more to come (hopefully):p

  11. Umm, is it just me or does that look more doom than quake?

    Or maybe it’s just because both games are so far back in time and my head that they just blurrrr together these days :-)

  12. Steve anderson says

    source error. Should of known using cydia can’t wait for stable installer

    • source error for me only occured if i was on the cellular network, for me edge, but when i was on wifi it went threw with no problems

  13. how to I go backout from option screen? I can’t change the controls bcz I can’t backout.

  14. is this technically legal? just wondering. i think it is because they are just shareware files. thanks

  15. anyone can tell me, if i can save my progress ?? how?

  16. Mke maddox says

    I want Orb.. There announcement page said 2.0 Api released so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. I think there suggesting someone else has to do it.

  17. please how can I save.. help help

    • yea, I’ve played the game numerous times. But it seems like I always end up needing to do something else and I can’t figure out how to save my game so I can go back.

  18. say something intelligent then.

  19. I have an question i have a jailbroken ipod touch 1.1.2 should i upgrade to 2.0 or should i wait for installer 4.0???

  20. this game sucks, bad graphics and hard controls, but the good thing is that it is smooth, hope theres an update for better graphics

  21. David Fortes says

    My game starts the demo… but I can only hear the sound background… the screen shows the controls but is black and doesnt respond to touch. when I click to go back to iphone menu it shows the game menu vanishing… any way around it? I got the original quake CD, where should i copy the files? using WinSCP for it, just need the path.

    love when ppl port old stuff to other systems, be it on handhelds, nds, symbian or xbox.

    For the people whinning about the graphics: this is a PC game from 1997, is the title ID software released after Doom 2 (not a sequel) and was a huge success at its time and still great nowadays. It wont be any update for better graphics.