PwnageTool 2.0.2 Released

PwnageTool 2.0.2 has been release for firmware 2.0.1. This is available only for Mac at this time. There are more notes from the Dev Team at their blog at You can download PwnageTool here:


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  1. I’m going to buy a mac
    I love apple and also I want to try it now

  2. Hmmm i better wait until there are some steps for windows users

  3. Will this jaibreak,activate,unlock a non-3G iPhone?

  4. will this work if i’ve already updated legitemately to 2.01?

  5. Good Day this a pretty straight forward program to jailbreak? I have tried serval times and the pineapple or jailbreak doesnt appear on the phone

  6. Installer is still not implemented on this version, im gonna wait till this actually gets ported to pwnage otherwise this update is only to fix the minor bug issues

    • I find it funny when people say they are waiting for Installer, Cydia is more stable, more robust, includes WinterBoard (which Installer will never have), is open source and not made by a group that has release some sketchy (Kate has always screwed up my phone) software in the past.

  7. dude this pawnage sucks it does work keep getting error 6

    • It’s not the pawnage’s fault. Google error 6. This happens even when doing apple updates. I had that too on one phone. What fixed it for me is to do the PWNage while having my phone connected and follow the instructions to REALLY get it in DFU mode. If you see connect to itunes image, then you are in the wrong mode to update.

  8. ya i get error 6 too

  9. Will we be able to download Installer via Cydia anytime soon?

  10. cartoon156 says

    People that are getting error 6 means that you guys didn’t put it in DFU mode correctly.

  11. I was able to create the custom firmware file… restore it to the iphone..

    but Itunes never recognized my iphone /even/ after I restored my data from a backup version… it just kept giving me the option to restore..

    in addition to that… will not work… it starts to download email.. and then crashes. I cannot delete any of the accounts via settings either.

    I am downgrading.

    • I hope you haven’t downgraded.

      To fix the itunes issue, some people simply accept the “new phone” thing the second time and they claim that it’s happy and nothing happens. I simply said restore again ( second time ) and as it was setting up, pulled the USB cable, the phone then said it was done, and iTunes sees the phone just fine from now on.

      For mail, you can fix permissions with Boss Pref, ssh and change the user of Mail from root to mobile, or download yet another utility via Cydia that will fix it.

      A bit more rocky, yes … but I don’t think it’s the jailbreaking. My brother had the mail problem with pure apple firmware, and sadly for him, I couldn’t SSH to fix it since his isn’t jailbroken.

    • good to know… I had such a rough time with it this afternoon.. I /did/ end up going back to 1.1.4… which is fine with me… because I do quite a bit of video from my phone.. and was getting ansy waiting for video to arrive for 2.0…

      i’ll jump back in as soon as it does..

      thanks for the reply.

  12. Im going 2 keep my old PwnageTool. Everything works perfect. When Installer 4 comes out finally im sure ill be albe to SSH it into the iphone.

    *Crossing Fingers*

    • then you won’t be able to update to 2.0.1…
      and if you search on this site, you’ll find that you can already SSH Installer 4 beta since like 1 week ago

  13. has anyone tryed the new winpwn yet it supports 2.0.1 as I read on their web site…

  14. Will i be able to restore from a backup after i have installed the custom firmware?

  15. This release comes with Installer and Cydia by default.

  16. Adriankenny says


  17. winpwn is out already.. check try it now :)

  18. JAilbroke about half an hour ago, i suggest going on or modmyifone for a guide. I have cydia and installer. Cydia works perfectly, installer not so much. nothing is showing up. maybe its just taking forever. btw iphone 2.5g powerbook g4 running 10.5, jailbroken only

  19. Cydia does not install at all for me. All I have is installer. I’ve done the process twice now and same result. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Are you sure you didn’t turn it off by mistake? Are you doing this on a mac, or from a downloaded premade firmware? Maybe they unchecked Cydia on what you are using.

  20. WINPWN closes for me on adding packeage youtube………..on windows vista any ideas HELP

  21. anyone has a link for 2.0.1 restore firmware….

  22. I promised I would upload the custom ipsw file for windows users.
    I have the patched 3g ipsw for 3g users with the latest firmware.
    My upload speed is 10kb/s so I’ll go to a coffee shop and upload asap. I should post the links here before tomorrow.

  23. O, winpwn is out….. well I might post it anyways for people with erros.

  24. Ok, FW 2.0.1 works on my iPod touch.. Installer ftw :)

  25. I have an unlocked 3G iPhone- if i update will it mess up unlock?

    • Unlocked? How? Hardware? If you are unlocked I would be careful and not upgrade until you are sure. For now, the Dev tools do not unlock 3G.

  26. Help! I’m trying to WINPWN with WINPWN my 1.1.3 iphone to 2.0.1 but the program closes when building IPSW on “ADDING PACKAGE YOU TUBEACTIVATION.TAR” on window vista any ideas….

  27. The program WORKS GREAT!!!!

  28. Is there a reason that when i open installer 4.0 BETA after I used Pwnaged 2.0.2 on My Mac that there are only $ apps and when I add sources the all load correctly and I can see the apps but when i go to download it says unable to decode source?

  29. I went back to 1.1.4.. even after going back to 2.0.. I couldn’t get my mail to work.. ended up having to jailbreak it with ILiberty and using this:

    I’m happy with that for now.. since I have video…

  30. Hey Doug,
    Just prepared a Pwned firmware. Do you think I can use Shift+Upgrade and select the ipsw image instead of Restoring with the image ?

    Because I dont want to lose jailbroken apps due to the minor update.

    • Just copy all of the third party apps to a folder on your desktop through OpenSSH and then after you upgrade just drag them back into your applications through SSH.

    • Thanks replying to me about the bug in Installer. If You can’t download any apps then why was evreyone so excited?

  31. zachdrago says

    just wanted to inform you guys that every time i tried to jalbreak my phone with this and the old program, i have no service…. but it’s only when i choose a custom boot image! so if you’re having the “no service” problem then don’t use a custom boot image!

  32. Does backing up save progress on purchased appstore apps? So if I jailbreak will I lose the progress on all my appstore apps?

  33. I would like to know if:
    a) I have an iPhone 2g wiht 1.1.4; can I updated to 2.0.1 directly or do I have to updated 1st to 2.0 and then to 2.0.1?
    b) I have a Mac OS X 10.5.4 but I cant unzip the bootloader file…. why??
    Thanks in advance

  34. i just upgraded to 2.0.1 through the pwnage tool, but my phone still thinks it has 2.0 anyone have this issue?