Solar Powered iPhone 3G Case

Doug and I had been discussing a few days ago how quickly the iPhone 3G’s battery goes dead…I will say, with confidence, that the first gen iPhone’s battery life is much better than the iPhone 3G’s battery life!! Well, the next day, Doug sent me a link to a solar powered iPhone 3G case! It seems that the guys over at Mobile Fun feel our pain and have developed a case that can recharge your iPhone 3G using direct sunlight. According to Solar Feeds, it will take around 3 hours to charge the battery on your iPhone 3G to a level in which your iPhone can function. It would take around 10 hours to fully charge your iPhone 3G. It also comes with a mini USB option in case you do not have any direct sunlight. Overall, a very cool concept that will be available around the middle of August in both black and white!

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  1. Ned Smitty says

    the idea is kool but its to bulky for me

  2. what is the cost?

  3. I would like to see a review on this case to see how well it works, both with the charging function as well as as a case.

  4. reminds me of an article i saw in popular science a while ago. you can turn your bag in to a solar powered charging station.

  5. i think the “charge my empty battery” is not as important as the “make my battery last a little longer” function ;)

  6. So if i am stranded on an island, without any power supply…. i will always be able to watch/play my media files! Thank you apple and mobile fun for creating the ultimate survival tool

  7. Would it work with an iPod Touch?

  8. looks cool…i like that solarfeeds site – thanks!


  9. Is there a belt clip on it so that the solar flap can get sunlight? If it doesnt this thing sounds pretty use less as not much sunlight reaches the inside of my pocket.

  10. Phil, Washington DC says

    ok, I am never far away from a power source. The only time is when I fly for business. For that I bought the mini battery charger from Keningston. Lasted coast to coast 13 hours without power source. Watched 2, 2 hour movies and made calls, text, and listened to music throughout the travel day.

  11. yah im all for going green. in fact im starting a go green organization. but do it in style =p

  12. How’s it connected to the iphone? if it charges through the, what do you call it, the little rectangle on the bottom where it is normally charged? That would make it ipod touch, nano, and 1st gen iPhone compatible because they all have the same port on the bottom.

  13. So your phone has to be in direct sunlight…How often is your phone in direct sunlight? And keeping the phone in direct sunlight seems a little bit…sketchy to

  14. Does it work for the iPhone 2g?

  15. cool idea. looks ugly. Id rather make it a point to charge it more than have that inconvience in my pocket or on my side.

  16. think the beach morons…

  17. They won’t ship outside the EU.

  18. Great idea, it really helps a lot, i hope they made one for the ipod touch or the iphone older generations, however for those with the 3g is a big thing

  19. I WANT THIS! i need this! for my job!!! i work door-to-door and this would be GREAT for me!!! regardless i would like to feel good about charging my phone from another source besides electricity which promotes green house gases.

  20. my iPhone was actually a gift from my girlfriend. i really love this phone and i think that this is the best phone that money can buy. i like the features and the design.

  21. the iPhone 3G looks very cool and feature packed. i will be saving some of my allowance to buy that phone.

  22. Iphone 3G is so packed of features and it really looks cool too. I own one iPhone 3G and i am planning to buy another one for my girlfriend.

  23. iPhone 3G is best phone ever released. it has great styling and has nice cool features that is why i like it so much.


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