Kate available in Installer 4.0

Available In: Installer       Price: $20.00-$45.00  

Kate I was excited to see Kate was finally available for firmware 2.0 via the Installer. It is a public beta version of the application. I personally am a huge fan of Kate and really miss the features that I use it for. However, when I try to install the app, I get an error. The error says, “Failed script command on line 2: ChangeMode.” Then my iPhone crashed back to the SpringBoard. I was totally bummed…I was looking forward to checking it out. Let me know in the comments if you are getting the same error.

Update:: Below is a list of features that Kate 2.0b4 has. I do think that it is cool that if you previously registered the app, it will carry over to this version of Kate.

All Components:
    • First public beta for firmware 2.0. Can be installed from the repository http://i.ripdev.com/ using Installer 4.
    • All included components reworked to work under 2.0.x with the same functionality. We will expand on the featureset soon.
    • Existing subscriptions will work; you can also request a trial or check your subscription by visiting Settings > RiP Dev > RiP Dev Products preference pane.

    • This component will not be supported under firmware 2.0 due to significant changes in the audio subsystem.

    • This component is not yet supported (until Installer 4 is final).

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  1. I get the same error :(

    • Make sure you install Mobile Enhancer, and Rip Dev Prefence before you install Kate.

      You won’t get the error.
      You won’t see Kate as an icon anymore.

      Once installed, all features will be on the phone…
      Go to Settings… RiP Dev….
      You will see Products and your installed features…

    • ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

      Shoo, Kate seems to be working for me without ‘mobile Enhancer’, but cannot find this anywhere on installer, what category is it in? Thanks in advance ;-)

  2. i did not get that error. mine went threw without a glitch. however i rebooted and noticed that i did not have an actual “kate” icon on my springboard, it was only in settings. so maybe thats a change. i dunno.

    • and to clarify, i mean by that you no longer have to install everything, like before you would have to open kate and then select the check marks and all that, and by what i see you no longer have to do that, it is all already in settings.

    • Yeah, the uninstall feature is not yet available. They say it will be available when Installer 4.0 is finished and no longer in beta.

    • ok good. well i posted some pics in the forum. check em out.

  3. and as for prices as i see you have a “?” up in the top, it says 20.00 for 6 month subscription, 35.00 for 1 year subscription, and 45.00 for unlimited use.

  4. hmm if i go under installed apps i can uninstall kate…the only problem i have is when i do install there is no icon????? but it is listed under installed apps

    • as of right now it only shows up in settings. let us know if it works.

    • aaahhhaaaa i found the kate stuff…even though there is no icon if i go under the settings for the phone at the bottom there is a rip dev button and boom there is kate!!

    • lol my trial expired so i just bought a subscr. just waiting for an activation code and i’ll let you know

    • got the code..everything seems to work,fonts,reminder,smart dialer,etc….oh and the 5th icon on the dock(sweet bonus me likey)

  5. Ned Smitty says

    it works but in this version if you use cal in you lock screen the sleep wake button is very laggie. But every else is kool :)

  6. It won’t let me transfer my authorization code. Says it’s being used for another device, which it isn’t (dad using my old iPhone and Kate is not installed). Had unlimited, will try and contact rip dev and see what happens.

  7. Using Kate with a trial and everything is working. Had lots of trouble with Kate on my 2G phone but this one is working without any glitches! Now if only I can use my existing subscription I’ll be set.

  8. It is working without any problems. My subscription is working as well.

  9. Does anyone knows how to turn of the uCalendar ?
    I dont like this thing

    • Go into Settings > RiP Dev : RiP Dev Products, then click on the word ‘Kate’ under products (Don’t hit the blue arrow) – you’ll get a screen listing all of the Kate products and you can then just click on uCalendar to un-check it, then click Apply and after a reboot it’ll be gone.

  10. Overall it seems pretty neat – I’m just not sure whether its worth paying for (yet)… The biggest feature for me is the ability to hide SMSes – i HATE the default pop-up, but I’m not sure whether its worth the cost when something like PYSL is on its way. (According to their site they’ll have a 2.0 version eventually. I know it offered alot more flexibility and hides everything better.

    I had PYSL on 1.1.4 and donated – it was well worth it…

    The other features of Kate are nice but not necessarily anything I’d feel like I’m missing if I didn’t have. (if that makes sense)

  11. I am having problems …the program is attempting to process but it seems to get stuck….any advise

  12. My gosh, i need heeelp!
    i am on 1.1.4 and i cant refresh my local packages source
    What can i do? i think that there is a app that deletes it, but i cant find it.

  13. I added the source. refreshed it, but I can`t find Kate in the installer!

  14. i intall kate and it give me a lot problem i couldnt get to open phone
    it would only open frezz and restar spring i try to unistall it
    but still left some options there but at lease it not messing
    up my phone no more
    kate is not stable now

  15. I would not use installer for anything it is buggy with bad code—Kate should have been on CYDIA that is fuller without any bugs—I will never use installer and any devloper who puts their program on installer are nuts.

  16. does the 5 icon dock work? That’s all I care ’bout, lol

    • Nothing except FONTS would work for me… reflection, application icon label changes, nothing else would. Only the System Font. :(

    • yes the 5 icon dock works ( if you registered it) everything works if u bought it.. I have it working flawless on my 1st gen 2.0.1 firmware :) …

    • The 5 icon dock was working flawlessly for me that is until I updated to version2.0b5. Once the update was finished the springboard restarted and to my surprise ALL OF MY ICONS were rearranged and I IMMEDIATELY noticed that the 5 icon dock was gone. I went into the Kate settings then to Facelift and there is a message there saying the Facelift feature is not compatible with Winterboard and to uninstall it for that feature to work.

      Of course I am enraged and furious!!!!!!!! That was one of the main reason I spent money on this app!!! The new version of Kate is NOT compatible with Winterboard so be careful before updating it……!

  17. I have the same problem like You…

    when I try install “RiP Dev Preferences” I have error “Failed script command on line 2: ChangeMode.”

    Kate is downloading, but that’s all… Installer is crash all the time and back to springboard …

  18. I installed it without errors, rebooted, and found under Settings, but if I went to try and open the Dialer for phone, the dialer crashed and I couldnt place any calls, so I had to uninstall.

  19. Ok… after further playing… everything is working for me EXCEPT the vibration of a key press in the Phone Dialer, and the guessing of the phone # by typing in a person’s name into they keypad. Are these 2 features working for anyone else?

    • ok… i figured out you have to hold down the # sign to toggle to SmartDial mode……

      NOW the only item not yet working is the vibration feature when a button on the keypad is pressed. This working for anyone else?

  20. If you have Kate and use Winterboard and like your 5 icon dock STAY FAR AWAY from the update version 2.0b5. For some reason RipDev has made that feature incompatible with Winterboard. In my case after the update not only did I lose my 5 icon dock but because of that it cause all the icons on my springboard across 8 pages to shuffle into a mess so I had to reset my home screen to default THEN manually move all my icons back to where I had them (minus the 5th icon dock).

    I went into the settings for Facelift to find a message telling me that the new version is not compatible with Winterboard and that I have to UNINSTALL Winterboard in order for it to work….. WHAT?!?! That is such BS! Needless to say I am furious as the previous version worked fine with Winterboard and I wish I hadn’t updated now.

    I’ve already emailer RipDev with my complaint. Let’s see how they handle it. I am really pissed off!!!

    • YAY…. now my vibration works when key pressed on dialer pad with the 2.05b update!

      And NO issue with 5 ICON dock when utilizing CUSTOMIZE. Everything working great here!

    • I have the SAME problem when I updated to kate 2.0 b5…I lost my 5-icon dock. THE MAIN REASON WHY I PURCHASED THE APP. I don’t understand why they would take away that feature if you have WinterBoard installed if it already working in the b4 version. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Has RipDev replied to your email???

  21. Does someone have the old package of Kate?? 2.0b4 ? So we’ll be able to get back to the old version, and keep winterboard!

  22. I emailed support@ripdev.com the following:
    Hey….I purchased a 6 month license for Kate 2.0 a few weeks ago and everything was GREAT until last night when I downloaded the new updated (b5). The 5-icon dock, basically the MAIN reason why I purchased a license for this app, no longer works as it says that FaceLift is incompatible with WinterBoard. This makes absolutely no sense to me and I would like to know why you guys did this…on the beta version (b4), it worked perfectly. Can you please fix this? It is absolutely ridiculous as more than 50% of the iPhone Jailbreak Community uses WINTERBOARD. Please let me know. Thanks

    They responded:
    Unfortunately, both programs have similar functions and a principle of work, they cannot be compatible.

    Can be in the future there will be a joint decision.

    Alex (alexxb5) Shirinkin
    RiP Dev – The iPhone Development Company


    • Yes I received a similar email. In mine they claimed that Wimterboard was NEVER compatible with Kate and that if it worked for me before I updated it was casual. They seem to not being guaranteeing an update to make it compatible which is absolutely rediculous. I’m hoping that maybe Sauric maker of Cydia/Winterboard can help out with compatibility.

      I wonder if he’s even aware? I mean it’s interesting though. Kate is made by RipDev who also make Installer. Winterboard is made my Sauric who also makes Cydia which right now happens to have overtaken Installer in popularity….things that make you go hmmmmm………..

  23. anyone, no solutions??

    • I’ve already requested refund since RipDev isn’t even trying to be helpful with this situation. Also I contacted Sauric the maker of Cydia/Winterboard and it seems his hands are tied. :(

    • Yah I’m filing a chargeback on my credit card. I hate RipDev…they are terrible developers/producers. Maybe let’s just ask Saurik to make the 5-icon dock for use with WinterBoard. That’s all I really wanted with Kate. Have you asking him that.

    • I have requested a refund from RipDev. They emailed me back saying that the next update to Kate will be compatible with Winterboard. Of course no solid date was given to me. I told them to refund me and then when Kate is updated I will test it’s compatibility with Winterboard and other Apps. Then I would repurchase it.

      My refund period expires within the next 3 weeks. I don’t trust them to release it before then. I have been without Winterboard for a few days now. This is unexceptable. I’m not sure if Sauric will make Winterboard compatible. That’s his choice to make. However RipDev was wrong for what they did.

  24. I have installed Kate and when i restart my Phone it goes to the apple icon and shows that it is loading. This is going in a continuous loop for hours and thus crashed my phone. I have tried restoirng my phone 3 times today and i have decided to give up woth Kate and make a claim from RipDev. Any solutions? Just on that note do they take the subscription automatically after 6 months or can we cancel it?

  25. hi samara!
    hehe i hope you fell beter from the cancer.
    im sad you have it:(.