Color Fading Theme for WinterBoard – Modding

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard There is a new theme available in the Cydia called Color Fading Theme. It is a WinterBoard theme so, you will need to have WinterBoard installed to use it. The theme nicely fades between three abstract wallpapers; green, blue and red. The theme does not have any icon, the icons will remain stock.

But, the really cool part is that if you are comfortable SSHing into your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can replace the three wallpapers with your own three wallpapers! The files are normal size (320×480) and can be either jpg or pgn files. Below are the steps on how to replace the wallpapers:

1. Find three files on your computer that you would like to use as the three Wallpaper images. (they need to be 320×480 and either jpg or png files).

2. SSH into your iPhone or iPod Touch.

3. Find the root/Library/Themes/Color Fading Theme folder on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

4. If you would like to keep the original wallpapers for later, drag them out of the root/Library/Themes/Color Fading Theme folder onto your computer. The Wallpapers are the 1.jpg, 2.jpg, and 3.jpg files.

5. Delete the 1.jpg, 2.jpg, and 3.jpg files off your iPhone or iPod Touch.

6. Drag the three wallpapers you would like to use from your computer into the root/Library/Themes/Color Fading Theme folder on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

7. Rename the wallpaper files you just added to your iPhone or iPod Touch as 1.jpg(or png), 2.jpg and 3.jpg.

8. Respring your iPhone or iPod Touch and you will see the changes.

You will also notice that there is a Wallpaper.html file in the root/Library/Themes/Color Fading Theme folder. If you would like the wallpapers to stay on your springboard longer before it fades to the next wallpaper, you can edit that file. If you open the Wallpaper.html file you will see this script – setTimeout(fade, 5000). What you will need to do is adjust the 5000 number. The larger the number, the longer the amount of time before it changes. I changed mine to 10000 but, I think I am going to go back in and change it a little longer.

If you anything about coding, you could also adjust the Wallpaper.html file so that it allows for more than three wallpapers. I tried but, it didn’t work exactly right. I’m going to work on it a little more tonight.

Because the theme doesn’t have any icons…you can set select a theme in which you like the icons and select the Color Fading Theme. You will need to put the Color Fading Theme before the theme with the icons you want in WinterBoard. When you close WinterBoard, you will have the icons you want on top of the fading wallpapers. You can then go in and change the fading wallpapers to match your icons! It is pretty cool! See the screenshots examples below.

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  1. i’m doin it right now thx!

  2. \private\var\stash\Themes.FXi2QE\

    i found my themes here for winterboard

  3. is pink me just a file set of icons or is it an actual theme. I am having trouble using the background from one theme… and using the icons of another. any pointers???

  4. a winterboard tutorial woulb be nice, because it has so many features, you can change sms bubbles, artwoks, sliders, etc, even set a vWallpaper.

  5. Everytime I add a theme the wallpaper does show up in the background… What do I need to do?

  6. this theme works great, its possible to add more than 3 allocated wallpaper , i added in 7 by editing the .html script.

  7. Imperialxone says

    Mcken200, I would like to add more than 3 allocated wallpaper. What did you edited in the html script to add 7 wallpaper?

  8. Someone already started making a winterboard “how to” over at forums. It wasn’t me, i’m just sharing the link.

  9. winterboard is great… but anyone knows if all these fading/changing wallpapers gonna affect my batt life to a great extent?


  10. Hey Brooke where did you get this pink me theme?


    here is my old tutorial^^
    there is also a video ^^


  12. the theme is cool but it;ll be cooler if i woudl have a better understanding on how to use the SSh tricks :(


  13. by the way, where can i find the pink me icons? thank you

  14. WOW! Thanks so much guys for featuring this on your site! Btw, I am the creator of this theme. I hope to be making many more of these kind with cool effects soon!

    • Guys at Apple iPhone School, the 3 wallpapers cannot be png files. Well, they can, if you edit the Wallpaper.html file. You can use any file type or file name of an image if you just change the following in the html file:

    • It looks like you dont allow html in comments. *sigh*

  15. Sorry, but how does one edit the wallpaper.html? I downloaded it onto my computer but opening it just gives me a blank screen