WbApp 0.32

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

The update to version 0.32 of WbApp, A WinterBoard theme displaying/modding application, makes a few changes to the application. There is now a Tap for Info option which gives you basic info on how to use the application. I also noticed that if a Theme uses a web page wallpaper, instead of just displaying a blank screen when you select the theme, it now says, “This theme uses a web page wallpaper and has no preview (coming soon…).” Other than that, there are no new options in the options menu and the application functions the same as in the previous version.

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  1. [Off Topic]
    There’s a software update 2.0.2 available through iTunes right now.

  2. Seriously? I won’t update anyway, since we’re not able to jailbreak it yet:-|

  3. I’m sorry about posting this here but I can’t seem to get replies to it anywhere else on the site.

    I have a unlocked 2.0 iPhone but for some reason the apps that I downloaded in the App Store aren’t backing up to the computer. Is there any way to get them off the phone onto iTunes (on my computer)? I want to restore using my custom built firmware.

    Maybe when I selected transfer apps I also selected don’t ask again?
    Would it transfer them every time there were new ones? Is there a way to reset that in iTunes?

    • I think it’s a bug. Mine sometimes transfer and sometimes they don’t. Just “buy” them again via iTunes on the computer. They will download for free. Not automatic, but at least they WILL go back into the phone on a restore.

  4. Sahil Arora says

    Hey guys are u gonna talk bout 2.0.2 release????