Dock – Ported to Firmware 2.0

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DockDock was one of my all time favorite application for a long time on firmware 1.1.4 and below! I ended up uninstalling it when it interfered with a few other apps. But, Dock is back and has a whole new look! For those of you who are not familiar with Dock…it is an application launching application. It it’s old version, it also allowed you to take screen shots. After you install Dock on your 2.0 firmware, you will need to restart your iPhone or iPod Touch. But, one it is installed and you have restarted your device, you can activate Dock by slowing running your finger along the bottom of your screen….below your dock at the very edge of your screen. You must keep your finger on the screen to keep Dock launched

You will then get a menu with five options; Media, Phone, Uncategorized, Utilities and Work. You can drag your finger along your screen to switch between the categories. Each category then contains applications. To see the applications in each category, drag your finger upward on your screen. You can then scroll through the application by dragging your finger on the screen again. To get back down to the main menu, drag your finger downward. o launch an application, just select it and release your finger.

If you leave the application stock, this is what you will find…in the Media option you will find, YouTube and iTunes. In the Phone option you will find Maps, Phone, Safari, Text and Weather. The uncategprozed option is basically all your application both App Store and jailbroke. The Utilities option has the AppStore, Clock, Cydia, Settings and WinterBoard. The Work option contains Calculator, Calendar, Mail and Notes.

When you install Dock, it adds a Dock Prefs icon to your SpringBoard. In the Dock Prefs, you can totally customize the application. You can choose to turn on/off Enable Dock, Show line glow and Enable Speed Dial. You can also change the categories that each application is in or create new categories. You can do this by selecting a category, then selecting an application within that category and then choosing which category you would like it to be moved to or create a new category for that application. You can also choose to have some application not even show up in the Dock app. The Disable Dock for apps option actually turns off Dock from launching in the applications that are checked. Thanks to Treadeater for the correction. To implement this, select Disable Dock for apps. It will then allow you to put a check mark (by selecting the application) on the applications that you do not want Dock to launch in. This includes both App Store and Installer/Cydia applications. Very cool…I love the ability to customize the application!

Another cool thing is that you can launch Dock from any application or at least all the apps I tested. Overall, a very cool concept but, slightly difficult interface. I found that it took a few tries to get used to the interface and even then I found it difficult to navigate at times. I also had a few crashing/glitching issues. Nate True does good work and am a huge fan of Dock…I will look forward to updates to this application.

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  1. this is nothing like dock used to be, now it sucks

  2. There has already been an update…

  3. I install it this afternoon and didn’t care about it, I like the 1.xx version

  4. i installed this app it looks great but i dont like it :/

    offtopic: i got an iPhone 3G :D

  5. I kinda miss the curved appearance of Dock before.
    But, with the new layout of Dock, I wish I can rename/delete the folders built-in upon install.

    I’ll wait for a future update. I do wish my one page iPhone and just Dock-access everything else… but I’ll wait for a better before I start using it.

  6. i like the older version with the sun look!

  7. I agree with everyone.. The new dock sucks. With the old dock i could still see the apps when i hid them with poof.. now when i hide them, i can’t see them in the dock app. BOO to the 2.X.X dock app. Change it back to the original sun burst style.

  8. Treadeater says

    correction for Brooke: the Hide dock in apps option allows you to disable the dock while the chosen apps are opened.

  9. just remember to disable intelliscreen before you install…they dont play well..

    if u reboot after installing and intelliscreen is still enabled, dont fear.. ur iphone will freeze for a few minutes after reboot, but then an intelliscreen pop up will detect the conflict and ask if you want to disable it – which you say YES


  10. is really not that bad!

  11. I am VERY grateful to Nate True for releasing the Dock application for 2.0. BUT I have a few complaints. 1) I like the old style better. It was easy to navigate when all you had to do was roll your thumb up or down. 2) When I hide an application in POOF it no longer shows it in the DOCK.

  12. I really like being able to organize my apps, but it’s just so difficult to use; scrolling is not smooth at all. Pretty cool though. I’ll wait for a few more updates.

    Btw, add a “games” category, and there is a built in icon for it.

  13. Off topic but snapture is on 2.0 now probably already knew but just in case you didn’t has a new look to but now it cost or you can have the ad supported one which sucks >.<

  14. that in my opinion is not the Dock app. it might be called the same, but the dock app has to have the sunburst in the corner and well this is nothing like the real dock app. until they make it look like this it wont be the same app. also, the real Dock app shows ypu every app and this new dock dosnt seem to do the same

    • Oh yes! And the Beatles are different now, too!! Imagine change – for the better! I use AutoCad to design buildings and the Architectural Desktop version is WAY different than out-of-the-box AutoCad, but I adapted and re-programmed all of my LISP programs, also. Boy, if only things didn’t change……………………………………..

  15. also you could open the originak dock app at any time, even if you were using another app, and with this new dock app you have to go through the spring board to find it, so i think its pretty useless

    • The new dock works when you have other apps open! Did you NOT read ALL of the above posts?

    • @ alex_dlc …I just tried it with Cydia open, and switched to clock app, from there I went to the App store, and then to Settings… So have you actually tried the Dock app?

  16. Point Blank says

    I have to agree, this new dock is not what i was expecting, the new layout sucks, i much prefer the old style, was easier to use, this one is difficult to scroll through all of your apps….. i just hope that someone will take it apon them selfs to port over the old version :P

  17. So I installed this and my phone went crazy for a second. After it was installed and I set the preferences, it was locked on my phone area. I could get back to the springboard. So I SSH’d into my phone and took it off and re-installed it but changed the permissions and got a white screen. Since Ive messed my phone up many times trying things out I was calm. Did a hard reset and bam the phone is fine now… Weird.

  18. kudos to nate for innovating but unfortunately i think the implementation leaves a *LOT* to be desired.

    i was really looking forward to the sunburst and instead i get a hierarchical app tree that’s difficult enough to navigate that i consider it completely useless. swiping between pages is faster imo.

    • Yeah, shut down an app, swipe pages, find the app you want – hmmm – quick. Or just swipe the lower corner (I’ll admit it takes a bit of getting used to just like the original where the Dock kept surfacing when I did not intend to do so – I uninstalled it on 1.1.4 because of that!) This one has a specific way to bring it up and reduces the number of unintentional “Dock episodes”.

    • 3.1 changes things – you can swipe in the center to get all apps (even hidden ones) or swipe to the right to get recently opened apps (configurable) or swipe to the left to get speed dial (also configurable). Note: swipe “to” also means swipe “from” – you have to play with it! It is really Cool! Thanks, natetrue!

  19. Hey…I really Love this version of that app, so it would work on fw. 1.1.2….

    • I doubt it! And what are you doing on 1.1.2? It says in the installation specs that this is a 2.x app! Where do you people live?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  20. I guess if it can be possible….

  21. I like it, but i think it is a bit hard to use. And it cant show my hidden apps… :-(

    • Why do people hide apps? I’m just sayin’…..(Oh my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend cannot see THIS app! – I’d better HIDE it!) Ummmm, OK :)

    • i hide my apps just to have my springboard cleaner. Im not hiding them from anyone.

    • Cool! I didn’t realize the advantages of this option until I researched. 3.1 Dock allows this :)

  22. Hey, Douglas and Brooke? Am I blocked?

  23. You guys are missing the actual How-to of this app. There are 3 ways to use it now!

  24. I don’t think the speed dial function works.

  25. I JUST found something! The sunburst is still sorta there! It doesn’t show up but if you drag from the bottom right corner like old dock, you get it! It only a few apps though.. I don’t know why.

  26. The sunbursts are there – in the right and left corners. You set which category you want them to include, and recent programs is an option as well. Go into preferences to configure what you want the to pull up.

  27. hi, i do have a question, i’ve installed the dock because my home button stuck and it won’t press or work, i’ll send it to apple to get it fixed but it’ll be in a while, with the dock there is no problem launching aplications because i no longer have to return back home screen, My question is that is there any way to return home with the dock??? it would be nice that way i wouldnt really need the home button for anything but maybe the music fast menu or getting the ipod in DFU mode which i don’t do as often as i use applications. I f someone could answer me or give me an alteernative or maybe an application that i could install so it would show onmy dock and by entering i would be able to go to home screen i would really REALLY appreciate it. Thanks you guys

  28. does it work on firmware 2.2?

    thank you