WinPwn 2.5

WinPwn 2.5 is finally here! This is a very nice jailbreak application. I just upgraded to iPhone firmware 2.0.2 and jailbroke my iPhone 3G using the QuickPwn part of WinPwn 2.5. You can jailbreak the iPod Touch and both the 1st Gen iPhone and the iPhone 3G all on firmwares 2.0, 2.0.1 and 2.0.2. You can also unlock the 1st Gen iPhone but not the iPhone 3G.

Again, I used the QuickPwn part of WinPwn because I can’t unlock my iPhone 3G and didn’t want to restore. To switch WinPwn 2.5 into QuickPwn Mode just click the Custom icon at the top and it will switch to QuickPwn mode. The steps are really easy and the big difference with this version is WinPwn is it’s design and usability. If you’ve been afraid to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch because it looks too hard, it’s now become even easier.

From what I could tell, I did not have the option to install the Installer app in QuickPwn mode. I restarted the app and looked through everything and still didn’t see it. However, you can add Installer by making a custom firmware in the Custom mode.

Download WinPwn 2.5 here.

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  1. NycPhatDude says

    what do they mean by reboot itunes 7.7??

  2. Ok, cool so I got the software but now I feel like a bigger dummy, so I go through the process and end the end it says restore my iphone using I tunes, so I go to I tunes and restore and nothing shows up on my phone, theres no cydia or installer. please help.

    • You have to hold down the “shift” key on your computer and then click restore in iTunes. A box will pop-up and you will find where you saved your custom ipsw. Click on the custom ipsw and iTunes will start restoring with this file. It will contain Cydia etc…….

  3. Cool, I appreciate all your help. Thank you

  4. why is my phone goi g so slow after pwngui? Some apps crash but the speed is awful.

  5. hi i loaded winpwn 2.5 and i love the way it works but i have 1 problem when i try to use my phone i cannot use it only on incoming calss can u help me i trie both expert and normal still not working but everything els works great.

  6. ———-PLZ HELP ME——–

    i want to upgrade from 1.1.4 i heared that is so easy ,,but
    what is the best way to back up my 1.1.4 info since itunez is not 100%% safe @@
    is there any other method ??

  7. HELP! I have downloaded all the ness items for the jailbreak 1gen iphone..have everything on desktop itunes says upgraded to 7.7 and 2.0.2. BUT….I have yet to see the screen for the browser firmware on my desk top or located anywhere.? What the heck? I also get iphone could not be restored error of 1621. I have read everything on this site for three days and can’t go any further. HELP!! Please!

  8. OH! Also I am trying it with winpwn 2.5.

  9. And…sorry….anytime I click on the desktop icons it takes me to itunes. I’m so confused and frustrated!!

    • bsquair,

      The best way to understand Winpwn 2.5 is to “google” Winpwn 2.5 guide. There will be several guides available. I recommend the one by Big Boss or Iclarified. Both are good. Make certain that you have 7.7 and that you upgraded your phone to 2.0.2 through iTunes. Then open Winpwn and follow one of the guides and you shouldn’t have any problems. If you use expert mode make sure that you set your partition at 700mb. Let me know how it works out.

  10. Hi, I have just winpwned my 1st Gen iPhone. I have upgraded the FW to 2.0.2. Everything is working great except for the EDGE service. Previously in my 1.1.4 the EDGE was working fine. Now the EDGE sign is there but I am not able to open any web pages or get anything in the installer or app store. This message shows up everytime “Could not activate cellular data network”. I tried searching for the EDGE in Settings–>General–>Network–>
    I require to enter the APN name, but there’s no option anywhere. Please help me out with this. Isn’t there an option “Settings –> General –> Network –> EDGE ” like the one we had in 1.1.4 and lower??? Please revert back my mail id is jammy(dot)maisnam(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanx……..

  11. Jus used winpwn 2.5 and jailbroke my iphone and upgraded it from 1.1.4 to 2.0.1 with no problem and i never done this b4 so its real easy!!!

  12. I have iphone 3G with V 2.0.2 unlocked with Gevey 3-g Turbosim. Can I use Winpwn 2.5 Beta and Jailbreak my phone and aldo can it be unlocked fully so that I do not have to use a Turbosim ???

  13. Vaselinemind says

    i bought my iphone sim cardless and unlocked. I first Jailbroke it with the pwnage program off my firends mac. The phone worked fine as an ipod and connected through wifi and the cydia and insaller programs all worked fine. As i began to add new songs from my dell, i accidentally hit update and restore. Realizing that this would take my recently jailbroken applications off, i, like a fool, panicked. i ripped the usb out and the phone went into recovery mode, not allowing me to access any programs or even get into the home screen. Thus locking me out! i have been tirelessly trying the winpwn 2.5 program to jailbreak my phone and get back into the home screen for accessing my pics, vid, music,..etc… The only headway i can make is quickpwning it, but my phone freezes on my custom boot logo screen. can anyone explain to me why this is happening. i have also tried to pwn it in expert and custom modes with no different results.

  14. Vaselinemind says

    oh its a 3g 2.1.2 btw…

  15. Hi first of all I want to say thanks for all your hard work in making this possible. I hacked my first generation Iphone when it came out I loved it but wanted the apps… So I upgraded to app store in the hopes that I could customize my Iphone. Summerboard changes etc. Never happened. I found the Win Pwn 2.5 but I am not sure how you download it do I have to pay for it? or… Just click basic user and when the count down ends it will download?


  16. I have an iphone that runs on 1.1.3 firmware, unlocked and like to upgrade to 2.1. However, I do not have legal SIM. Should I need to update with itunes 7.7 before I try winpwn 2.5? Can I upgrade my firmware using itunes without a legal sim inside it? Please advice.

  17. Hi guys,

    I have jailbroken my iPhone 3G, with winpwn – 2.5 and my current firmware is 2.00 (the oldest iPhone 3G firmware).

    I want to upgrade to firmware 2.2.1, but I am not sure how to do this, without changing my 3G baseband.

    In other words, how do I update the iphone without ruining its jailbroken status?

    Thanks guys.

  18. I have a 3G with FW 2.2 (5G77) modem 2.30. I used to use AT&T. Now no more. Now my question is how can I use this phone with T-Mobile sim card? I don’t want to use Turbo or Reble sim. Because those does not work. Any help lots of thanks.

  19. Winpwn is not getting intialize please help