Spore Origins 1.0.0

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SporeI was out shopping tonight and I was gonna buy Spore for the computer. It was $50 so I decided not to. I probably would waste lots of time playing it so that’s a good thing. I looked and looked all day yesterday in the App Store for Spore for the iPhone but never came out. Well, now it’s here! Right now I’m waiting…. It takes a while to install. If you don’t remember, this is one of the original games that Apple showed us when the iPhone apps were first announced. Here’s the video:

Watch “Spore” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Now that the app is installed, I’ll try to write as I play. It starts off at a main menu. I’m gonna just start by tapping “Play”. First you need to name your creature. I chose ahhyeah. The keyboard was running pretty laggy during this step. You can also tap random to have it chose a name for you.

Next is a little intro video and then the game begins with some quick tips. They explain how to use the accelerometer to move. Then it says to fill the DNA bar by eating some smaller creature. You can double tap the screen at anytime to pause the game and see a mini menu. The first level was pretty easy. You can get combos which are eating multiple creatures in a row. This gives you a higher score. At the end of the level I can now edit my creature. The editing feature is intense, so intense you can take a picture right from the iPhone and make it the color design. I took a picture of my kitchen table to use as the design. It wasn’t such a great idea because it locked up my iPhone.

After restarting my iPhone I was able to get the photo to work with my creature although the process was still slow. Now here’s what’s sweet, you can rotate and drag the image around to make it even more precise. There is also an undo button in the bottom right corner. Once you’re happy, just check the check mark in the top right corner.

Now, make sure that you don’t hit the dice or it will randomize your creature and lose your settings. Once you’re done editing you’re on to level two…

I’m already noticing larger creatures and there was a warning right away that you will be damaged if they attack you. So for now, avoid them and go on eating up the little guys. Another tip I saw was to use an extreme tilt toward other creatures you’re eating during the eating process. This will increase your combo scores. After level two there wasn’t anything different I could do in the edit mode so on to level three…

Level three gets better with shields and poisons you can collect. This helps defend agains the larger creatures. During level three I just noticed something really annoying. I have Intellescreen, a jailbroke app from cydia installed. When it gives me a reminder of a missed call, it kills the sound from Spore. :( Now kewl. I’m going to just put my iPhone into airplane mode to get around this for now. Don’t try calling or texting for a little while :)

After level 3 I am able to add a part to my creature from either Offense, Defense, Movement or Perception. I went for a tail to move faster. You could also add an eye, shield or spike. Now on to level 4.

As level 4 loads, I can see we are getting closer to land. I’m already noticing more precise movements with my new tail, but I’m also seeing new, larger creatures :( So far on this level I’m not seeing any more tiny creatures to eat, so I’m gonna go after some bigger stuff…. OK, not a good idea! That knocked me down a lot… so off to find some little guys… ok, here’s some :) Much better! Ahh, now I see, there is a big guy you wanna go for, not the long squid type, but the round with little spikes, gotta hit ’em where there’s no spikes, then it turns into lots of little guys. It helps to gather up some shields and poison before moving in.

No upgrades this time so on to level 5. Level 5 is called primordial ooze. It has some land to navigate through. The tip says to follow the current so here we go… but don’t be afraid to go upstream in some places, sometimes there are little pockets of little guys to chomp.

Ok, I’m gonna stop here so I don’t ruin it for you. So far I’m loving it and I’m off to play some more. This is definitely a suggested purchase.

Click here to download Spore via the App Store.

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  1. Are ya’ll not following the Apple “Let’s Rock” event that’s supposedly happening tomorrow?

    FYI…this has been the first time I had to look on a different website to read about an Apple event. …It kind of made me sad to hear it from someone other than you guys.

  2. DJContagious says

    great app, just bought it, im waiting for it to install too….hope its good for the wait!

  3. I found that when playing a graphics intense game if I turn off winterboard the framerate of the game goes up and the keyboard doesn’t lag.

  4. ya i tunes is saying 3 hours to download???…not impressed so far hope the game is good

  5. The program you are trying to download is not available in the UK Itunes store…. :o
    Never seen that one before.

    • No EA games are available for iPhone in the uk. :(
      Good tip us to get an American iTunes voucher and start a new American account with it then you can buy them!

  6. Spore is available in the UK via iTunes, it costs £5.99 and I have just installed it.

  7. John (Minneapolis) says

    Does anyone else find it a little weird that in the video all three guys were wearing the same shirt? What company was the presentation at? Just a little qirky thing i noticed since the it was obvious that the control guy and the presenter were from EA, but who does the guy who introduced them work for. A little creepy if yo ask me to have people wear identical clothing as yo when they don’t eve work for you. IDK just a little thing I noticed, like I said b4.

  8. Downloading now…..It looks just AWESOME!

  9. SPORE is amazing; very simple concept yet there are numerous subtleties that make it better than most. When you ‘help’ you creature evolve, it makes cute little audible and physical responses to being prodded and poked. When swimming, there are numerous large predators that lurk just out of focus in the murky waters. And the fact one can ‘zero out’ the tilt of the iPhone means it is playable in the office, in bed or in the can!

  10. I’m on level 18….what levels is everyone on?

  11. Just made it to 18; my son says 19 is VERY hard.

  12. On 25 now…24 was vrey difficult to find the exit

  13. This is a great game, but for how short it is, it really shouldn’t be $9.99. I suppose you can play again after you beat it as a new/different organism, but I was really hoping it would go through the different stages of evolution like the real Spores. I thought the same thing as you Douglas, I was planning on getting the PC version, but then I saw this and had to get it. Now I’m gonna have to get it for PC or wait til it comes out for Wii (only if it’s the actual Spores, not a spin-off like Spores Origins or Spores Creatures).

  14. im on level 28 which is pretty hard! Anyone has ani ideas how to kill those big predators?? Anyone has finished the game??