Spore Origins 1.0.0

Available In: App Store       Price: $9.99  

SporeI was out shopping tonight and I was gonna buy Spore for the computer. It was $50 so I decided not to. I probably would waste lots of time playing it so that’s a good thing. I looked and looked all day yesterday in the App Store for Spore for the iPhone but never came out. Well, now it’s here! Right now I’m waiting…. It takes a while to install. If you don’t remember, this is one of the original games that Apple showed us when the iPhone apps were first announced. Here’s the video:

Watch “Spore” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Now that the app is installed, I’ll try to write as I play. It starts off at a main menu. I’m gonna just start by tapping “Play”. First you need to name your creature. I chose ahhyeah. The keyboard was running pretty laggy during this step. You can also tap random to have it chose a name for you.
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