Jailbreaking an iPhone 3G with 2.1 Firmware using a Mac

A friend stopped by the other night to lend us his MacBook Pro to jailbreak one of our iPhone 3Gs. Here’s a video:

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  1. Got to love Mac

    BTW guys u already have pwned phones on 2.0.x so what u can do is download a custom 2.1 ipsw from a torrent and restore with that

    this will give u a 2.1 pwned on windows

    n congrats on the second bundle of joy…….hope Brook is feeling better

    • Thanks, but we didn’t want to restore. We upgraded in iTunes and then used quickpwn. That we we didn’t have to go through a complete restore. We also do not support downloading Apple’s firmware from anywhere but Apple’s site.

    • wait, quickpwn works on 2.1 too ?

  2. Hey Doug, I noticed that it said “No Service” on that phone. I’m having the exact problem. I am not receiving any service and I have been searching for the past 5 hours looking for a solution. If anyone knows how to fix this it will be greatly appreciated. BTW I have a 16GB 3G w/ AT&T service. I’m not trying to unlock it but simply jailbreak it. Now I’m not getting anything.

    These are the steps I took

    1. Upgraded to 2.1 firmware
    2. Used Quickpwn to jailbreak it.
    3. It took me to the screen but noticed I wasn’t getting service.
    4. Also noticed that my iPhone screen in iTunes said that I had an invalid SIM card and needed to have a legit SIM.
    5. I tried my SIM and put it in my fiancĂ©’s 16GB 3G iPhone (NOT jailbroken) and I was receiving service through her phone. So I figured that it wasn’t my SIM but it was something with the phone itself.
    6. Tried to restore it back to 2.1 with iTunes and did everything but still brought me to the same screen. (Invalid SIM, please put a legit SIM…etc.)

    I have tried many things but really am frustrated. At this point all I want is my regular iPhone back. Not jailbroken or anything. Would you guys please help me. I would really appreciate it and willing to try anything now. Believe me, I don’t know what haven’t I tried yet. Thanks again.

    • In order to get the service after you have used QuickPwn or what ever to jailbreak your iPhone then you need to install BootNeuter from Installer or Cydia within your iPhone and after that run the application from your iPhone and follow the on screen instructions. For me after 3 times of rebooting and one time of flashing the iPhone boot loader it was finally unlocked and I could find the service.
      It took me about 5 minutes.
      Hope it help.;)

  3. mmmm … if you got this via a normal 2.1, maybe there IS something wrong with your phone. Have you tried setting it up as a new phone once you do a full restore?

    Also, try PWNAGE instead of quickpwn and make sure you uncheck the activate phone in the advance tab. Have you tried a custom firmware via that tool?

    • I actually tried using pwnage tool and creating a new firmware and made sure that “activate” was NOT checked but still brought me to the same screen. To my understanding, it was caused by Quickpwn automatically attempting to activate the phone. In the Quickpwn we don’t have an option to whether activate or not.

      What I did not mention was that this is my Third 16 3G phone. The first one was replaced because of a faulty battery, then I went to the Apple store and they gladly replaced it. I went home and did the Quickpwn thing and that’s when it happened.

      I went back to the Apple store the following day and had to tell them a bogus story that I restored it and it took me to that screen. I wasn’t going to say that I was trying to jailbreak it. They gave me yet another one. I went home and tried it again and BAM “Invalid SIM”!

      Now, as much as I want to go back to the Apple store and tell them the great news I want to see if I can figure this out. I believe there is a way.

    • What is even MORE strange is that I used the QuickPwn on one of my phones ( 3G ) and did NOT have this problem. Since the 3G phone can’t be unlocked, I thought quickpwn wouldn’t even try. ???? Good luck.

      Are you sure you are doing your restores in DFU mode. Your phone’s screen should be completely black and NOT have the plug to itunes screen. ??

    • Yeah, I made sure that it was DFU mode. I have done many jailbreaks and I know what’s the difference between restore mode and DFU. But what gets me is that it happened to the totally different 3G iphone. I even tried on two machines, thinking it might have been because of 10.5.5 not able to let it do its thing. I tried on my MacPro (10.5.5) and still the same on my MacBook Pro (10.5.4) very strange but none the less, frustrating!

    • I’m all out of ideas. I did mine on a mac book pro 10.5.4 and it worked. :-(
      That app store you go too has to be cursed!

    • Very true! Never going there again even though they didn’t questioned me, but simply gave me a brand new one. I was think in my back of my mind “If they only knew”. Thanks alot for all your help though, hopefully someone can come up with something.

  4. hi,

    i had the same problem weeks ago , but with a locked t-mobile 3g

    do a restore with your saved ipsw through itunes, and your phone is back in life. i hope this will also work on 2.1…

    please let us know if it worked…..

    good luck

  5. your problem is that you need to do expert mode when you use PwnageTool.

    Otherwise it “activates” your phone (for those who don’t have a carrier for their phone service. This does not unlock it from AT&T in the U.S. It just allows the phone to start working.

    When you use expert mode and are on the screen that allows you to build the custom firmware, you need to click on the top left item and then go thru each item. One of them is activate iPhone. You don’t want to activate it if you do have cell service for your phone.

    Quickpwn is for those who do have cell service for their phone.

  6. Please Review X-Plane 9 for iphone/ipod touch!

  7. When is the win vista edition coming out ??

    • latest comment from winpwn developer:
      “It’s been very busy for me recently at work and I haven’t had much time to spend on WinPwn.But i’m hoping that planet/squpid and I can get the latest version out soon. I will keep you updated!”

    • Thanks!! I really want to use my 3g Iphone!

  8. This may be the wrong place to pos this but CYDIA has two IPHONE modem tetther that works ATT screw you we can now use our IPHONE to get onto the internet.

  9. So I seem to just have terrible luck with firmware. Period. I tried to update my jailbroken 3G (through iTunes, on a PC) to 2.1, and all I got was the Apple boot image, with an ever turning wheel. And while it’s plugged in, iTunes reads that it’s there, and I guess I can sync. I mean, it looks like it, but it won’t go past the boot image, and it double-vibrates every 10 seconds. I did a full restore (to 2.1) and it does the same thing. (Plus, the apparent backup that iTunes did right before my FIRST attempt to upgrade to 2.1 didn’t take, so my “latest” backup is like a week old…)

    Sometime I hate this process… Anyone know what’s going on?

    • It happen to me it is a bug that the idiots at apple produce due to their backwards attempt to stop jail breaking. I suggest that you down grade to ITUNE 7 and then do a restore that should work

  10. Nice video!
    if you use a other persons mac to jailbreak your iphone does all feature work on other computers. (i know it is a silly Question) :)

  11. what in the world is the difference between pwnage tool and quickpwn?? why doesn’t quickpwn activate the phone?? do i need a custom firmware to use quickpwn?? I’m lost I was hoping ziphone would come out but no and im tired of 1.1.4… please help??

    • If you want the simplicity of ziphone, then you want quickpwn. Quickpwn will activate your phone if you are on a 2G phone. Like ziphone, you have to first have your phone upgraded via itunes before you run it. Pwnage is a tool that gives you a lot more control. Let’s you change logos, pre-install applications etc …

  12. Will Quickpwn activate a 2G that has 2.1 firmware?
    At the moment my phone has carrier service but is not activated.
    This happened when I downgraded it from 2.1 to 2.0.1.
    Any help would be appreciated

  13. QuickPwn is officially not working for me. At the step where the screen turns white, then shortly after, turns into a Pineapple, mine just stays wihite… Forever…

  14. Ok, I KNOW this is like my third comment on this article, but can someone tell me why every time I try to restore from a backup that was made pre-2.1, to my current, 2.1 jailbroken 3G, it freezes at the boot screen and I have to do a full restore?


  15. So if my iPhone 3G is already jailbroken (firmware 2.0), and I want to upgrade to 2.1 via QuickPwn, (or Pwnagetool) I have to first officially upgrade to 2.1 using iTunes? and then use QuickPwn, and then reinstall all my unofficial apps such as Intelliscreen and Videorecorder3g?

    Does QuickPwn install Cydia, SSH, etc, automatically the way Pwnage Tool does? And if I use Pwnage tool again, I still have to reinstall my non-Applestore apps?

    I want to keep all my infomation (sms, apps, saved games)

    p.s. I’m stil on iTunes 7.7.1.
    What is the best way to get my iPhone to 2.1!!? thanks

  16. Dudes u all confusing me!! Ok, all I want to know is if I can unlcok my 3G iphone with this amazing software. I have already updated it to 2.1. How to install QuickPwn on to the iphon? Do I have to do a backup? If so how do I do that? Can this software run on Vista or Win XP?

    Thank you

  17. awesome!!

    i’d like to give a shout out to whoever made this video, DECEMBERUNDERGROUND!!! alright, nice to see someone into iphone hacking who also likes AFI.

  18. hey guyzz!!

    I’m in great trouble., need your help.. I got an iPhone 3G. I bought it from America.. Now I live in Australia.. Anyway is there a way to unlock this iPhone 3G..

    P.S help


  19. i used this method to jaibreak my 3g iphone and i have since restored it to regular but am still having a problem with my CAMERA ROLL. when i jailbroke it, a picture of a little robot and a flower showed up in my camera roll, and since that day pictures will not save to my camera roll, pix i take with the camera or pix i try to save by touching them for a few seconds then do that “save picture” thing. the most recent picture taken will show up in the little thumbnail next to ‘camera roll’ when i go into my photos, but when i go to look at the pictures only the robot one is there and another blank white box in place of another photo, when touched the photo shows up as a blank, black screen. i have tried restoring my iphone but the problem persists, i am not very savvy to openssh and other things so i have no idea what to do. anyone have any ideas?

  20. nvrmnd, i just did a second restore and this time it fixed it? i don’t know why, but im happy now.

  21. Hey guys..i got a problem..i just received my iPhone from America but i an ub Greece..when i insert a greek SIM card it doesn’t work..what am i supposed to do know?

  22. * i am in Greece


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