Installer Update – Version 4.0b8

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Installer It seems that RiP Dev has updated Installer bringing it to version 4.0b8. I personally have found the upgrade to run much smoother. It does not lag as much and I do not have the crashing issues that I had with the previous version. Below is info from the RiP Dev’s blog on exactly what the update does.

Installer 4.0b8 is out (it’s been ready for a while and even included in the last PwnageTool but we were holding off to releasing it publically). Among notable features is the switch to libcurl from the stock Foundation URL loading classes, which means more lightweight CPU and memory footprint and, more importantly, resumable file transfers. The new beta also features a plethora of little fixes which we won’t extensively list here. Enjoy. We’ll be pushing out a 4.0 release soonish…

The featured page you see when you launch Installer is actually automatically generated based on the popularity of the packages (based on the number of installations across the board), so it’s nothing like the “old” featured page that listed a set of pre-defined products. It will eventually have some “sponsored” products, but they will be easily distinguishable visually and we’ll try to keep the amount of these to the minimum – no more than 3.

Community Sources
are updated as well to reflect the change in the domain name and to remove some outdated sources that shown promise but actually never delivered anything.”

Check out the full article HERE.

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  1. I downloaded the new community sources and when returning to the home screen I got a never ending spinning circle on a black screen. After a hard reset, and a few more to get it off the frozen Apple screen I finally got back to my main screen. However, now I have the red update circle on the Installer icon showing I have “0″ updates. Anyone else get this?

  2. I updated Installer and still crashes it even ruind my springboard icons. it return to default icons and where they place plus the installed apps which i hide using poof was there again.

  3. update with no problems running smooth.

  4. Made mine go to safe mode. i dont even think it downloaded….

  5. I just went ahead and uninstalled Installer completely. Cydia provides all of the apps I need and the only app from Installer I ever used (on 1.1.4) was Kate. I paid for this app – rather dearly IMO. and it did not work well with 2.0.x and 2.1 firmware. Thanks to saurik for his efforts to bring us apps in a controlled way with minimal issues – at least ones that are addressed when there are issues. We need competition, but installer has a long way to go for the 2.0.x and 2.1 firmware. Look Ma NO Installer! (and I won’t miss it – but I will keep an eye on its progress)!

  6. Anyone has problem with cydia?

    Tried to upgrade the newest MIM app. I got this pop up message: Source Error: NetDB: nodename nor servname provided, or not known.

    anyone encounter this problem?

    • Yes, Cydia and MIM – I had to uninstall MIM and reinstall with the latest 2.1 MIM version. After updating it crashed, then I tried a re-install, and it disappeared. Finally, an uninstall in Cydia and a reinstall afterwards and all is good. Hope this helps and don’t get too panicked – Cydia is still the best!

  7. Wow, this update has to be one of the worst. Completely crashed my iPhone. First got stuck at spinning wheel, then I did a hard reset. Now its rebooting itself multiple times…….

    Was this even tested? Sad, just sad. Installer has completely lost it now, the update that was supposed to fix everything made it worse.

    • Oh man, i had the exact same problem except it was a different situation….I used JFWchanger to change the tag to 1.1.4, to get the wiggle function and the iphone apps on 1.1.2 and i think i messed up the whole firmware so i just restored/rejailbroke it.

  8. Hi, for some reason I am on Installer version 4.0b6. When I started Installer to find the update, instead I only found a Community Sources update, I updated this, but even after doing it Installer wont show any update on Updated nor on Recent Packages category folder. Any hit to find the update? TIA

  9. insteller on 2.x.x is a big joke…

  10. Jim (Absinth Minded) says

    Cydia FTW!

  11. Lost my faith in Installer…. It WAS my best app… Now, it’s Cydia.

  12. Stay with Cydia… actually works !!!!

  13. I can’t update? Why??????????????? It doesn’t appear anywhere in the list. Can anyone send me the app file so I can SSH it in? That would be great! Thanks.

  14. RiP Installer, you are no longer king.

  15. I do not even go to installer. They do not have the same amount of apps like Cydia. Cydia is the only place to get apps that will allow your Iphone to tether to your wifi laptop

  16. hi, i bought my iphone 3g today in brazil and here it doesn’t appear the installer, what am i supposed to do ?

  17. Hi “dreaming”, you need to jailbrake your IPhone in order to have installer and cydia installed. But you will realize that cydia is running much better at the IPhone 2.0 version. You will see that this process will really improve your phone’s functionality. When jailbraking you can choose either you want just one of them, or both. If you don’t know how to jaibrake, follow this tutorial:

    Good luck!

  18. Going Smoothly

  19. when i download any apps from another sources fo any expel the surces:
    ints just sy the programe cant be oppen but if i download some from the Community Sources its works whats wrong? pleas help me!!!

  20. I am on b6, but there is NO update avaliable!! I can’t even install apps as they don’t show up!

  21. Probs with 4.0b8. Went smooth for a while after updating direct from Installer. After a week or two, it just goes white screen and crashes on opening. I SSH’d 4.0b6 back to the applications folder and it works fine. I won’t go for the update till the bugs are out of it. Anyone else having the crach prob?

  22. bsd subsystem not showing up in the installer??
    anyone else having the same troubles?

  23. for i phones system how?

  24. Hi

  25. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks

  26. thx

  27. How do I get this app?