Vibrus and KeyVib

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KeyVibWhen I checked Cydia this morning I noticed a new Vibrus application. Vibrus is an application that makes your keyboard vibrate as you type on your keyboard or dialer. The vibration length is even configurable! It allows you to turn on/off the Haptic Keyboard and the Haptic Dialer. It also allows you to adjust the Intensity and Duration of the vibrate. I was going to install it an noticed that it will only works with 2G iPhone’s (3G iPhone support coming soon). That made me think about KeyVib another application that is very similar to Vibrus and is available for the 3G iPhone.

KeyVib adds the slightly vibration when you type on the keyboard or dialer. Doug really likes KeyVib and uses it on his iPhone. However, I’m not a huge fan…I feel like the vibration is just the tiniest bit behind and that drives me crazy!! KeyVib is not customizable like Vibrus but, if you are on a 3G iPhone and you are a fan of haptic keyboards…you will definitely want to check out KeyVib.

I wasn’t able to test Virbus so you will have to let me know in the comments how it is working for you! We have tested KeyVib extensively and have had experienced any problems with it!

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  1. The problem with KeyVib is that it only works if the keyboard clicks are on. I like the vibration, but I don’t like the clicks.

  2. Nice review. As always, really useful to discover new apps. I am going to try this app to, I’m curious to know how it works.

  3. well. My I have keyvib on my iPhone 3g and it’s been working since 2 weeks ago. At first wasn’t working but than I enable it and than remove it and it’s been working ever since. Strange science!!!!??

  4. I have vibrus and it seems like it was done by a professional because it was well done I love the options I hated that keyvib didn’t have it plus keyvib messed up my vibration where it just wouldn’t vibrate anymore for me with vibrus I have had no problems so far it works great you should difinitely switch when it goes on the 3G

  5. francis, i love you. Lets make babies.

  6. Does Vibrus work without keyboard clicks or in silent mode?

  7. iWas almost tempted to upgrade from 1.14! vWallpaper and iToday aka Video Background on Home and Lock Screen iS a most have!

    -sent from my iPhone
    iGet enough exercise just pushin’ my luck!

  8. i think this will finish the battery more faster isnt it ??

  9. Vibrus Brooke, not Virbus :)

  10. I tried Vibus and this did not work with keyboard or dialpad. I do not have many hacks, I just have BossPrefs and OpenSSH.

    I tried with the silent switch on or off. Not sure what else to try.


  11. Vinnie, do you have the iPhone 3G? cause Vibrus doesnt work with the 3G

  12. i personally DO NOT like the haptic keyboard because when you type fast it is a buzzing mess, but i would like to see haptic everything else (ex, touching app icons, toggle switches etc.)

  13. Haptic, over at the XSellize Cydia repo is in a lot of peoples opinion, the best haptic / vibrating feel for the iphone. If you think Vibrus and KeyPad are too strong and/or annoying, Haptics is the best haptic release out there.

    Just Google XSellize Haptic, or add the XSellize Repo

  14. how do i uninstall keyvib it eats my battery too soon, don’t like it anymore

  15. Vibrus 3G has been released via the Cydia Store! :)

  16. I installed the new Vibrus 3G a few days ago and just uninstalled it this morning. The two things I do most often with my iPhone is typing SMS messages while listening to music. Vibrus stops any music you’re playing (whether it’s the iPhone music or streaming music like Pandora or

    Big pain! But otherwise I like the application. Am hoping this bug will be fixed soon.

  17. So I’ve had vibrus before and it worked fine. I had to restore my phone though and then rehacked it. Once I downloaded vibrus again it worked but now I’ve tried turning it off and it stays on I’ve even uninstalled vibrus and its still vibrating and its driving me crazzzzzyyy!!!! Does anyone know what I can do to stop this vibrating madness?!?! Please let me know…

    P.S. I’ve already tried the whole restarting the phone thing after you change the settings but that doesn’t work either! grrrr!

    • I am having the exact same problem. If u did find a solution pls do share it with or everyone knows how to get it completely pls help us out!!


    • I have the same problem and my battery dies in like 8 hours. I think that if I can’t stop the vibrating than I’m going to restore my iPhone which is a downer cuz it’s amazing the way it is – the vibratin

  18. why is it that i can’t install vibrus 3g??
    instead of the “instal” it has “recheck”