SoccerGuide – Preview of New Cydia Application

Available In: Coming Soon       Price: Free  

SoccerGuide#SoccerGuide is going to be a soccer guide application featuring two soccer leagues; German league and Premier League. The application is due to be released in Cydia very soon. It comes from the developers of TourDeFrance and Formula1 Guide from firmware 1.1.x. The app will be free via Cydia and they say they might also update the application to add additional league. Below are a few preview screenshots.

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  1. That looks like a pretty nice app. As a big soccer fan (we call that Football in France!), I’d like to see the Spanish and Italian league, as well as the UEFA cup included in the app. Maybe for future releases.

  2. Haha, that looks like Portuguese to me.

  3. That’s español, I would love to see the Mexican league too, si se puede, in the future, I have iFutbol scores but sometimes doesn’t work on edge and it’s useless and I have My Football but doesn’t have as many leagues as iFutbol. Hope comes soon.

  4. What, no love for homegrown MLS? Please be a future update!

  5. DJContagious says

    its finally released! Saw it this morning in Cydia, Ste source….