Dames 1.0

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Dames I was excited to see a new game, Dames – a Checkers application, in Cydia this morning. We haven’t had a ton of new games lately so, I was eager to check it out. However, I cannot seem to get the app to work. When it opens, I get a splashscreen (a very nice looking splashscreen) and then everything goes black. The application stays open, I just get a black screen. I even let it sit for a long time and it didn’t do anything…just stayed on the black screen. I took a look at the app via SSH and it doesn’t look like it is in English…so, I don’t know if that has to do with it or not.

I was totally bummed because I like checkers and I was interested to see if you could play against the “computer” or another person. Judging by the splashscreen it looks like it would be a nicely designed application too. Let me know in the comments if it is working for you. Below are the few screenshots I have of the app.

This application has been removed from Cydia for the time being…as soon as it is back up, I will do an update review of it.

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  1. Is this in Cydia _and_ Installer? Just curious, as I don’t use Installer.

  2. Brooke, just curious, why don’t you install the updates in Installer/Cydia??

    • Haha…you weren’t supposed to notice that!! I like to look at each update and see what the changes are and how the app runs after the updates which takes time so, I don’t always get to them right away!

  3. DJContagious says

    i would say uninstall it in Cydia and re-install it in Installer

  4. Just set language to Italian…
    It’s a spaghetti bug…

  5. Hmmm. I wanted to try this because I LOVE checkers but I don’t see it in Cydia at all. I do have the iSpazio source, and have refreshed more than once. Maybe it was removed?

  6. we will fix it :)
    i don’t know why it cannot work on english iphones (the app is in italian, and works on our iphones)
    we have removed the app for now, but we will update it very soon


  7. Didn’t work here. But I await the re-release!

  8. iSpazio.net

    So can you play against the computer? I was wondering the same thing as the article author…


  9. which are repository consist that game?

  10. I downloaded dames today and it works fine

  11. downloaded the newest version, it works great.