Kusari – Now in App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

Kusari It seems that Kusari has made it’s way into the App Store. Many of you might remember Kusari as a jailbreak app from firmware 1.1.4 and below. The App Store version of the app has some new Bonuses and Rewards but, the graphics are very similar to what they were as a jailbroke app. So, if you are on 2.0+ and would like to have Kusari back on your iPhone…now you can.

Description: Kusari is an addictive game of speed and cunning. Find chains of counters to clear the board against the clock, working your way through the levels and earning rewards and bonuses to get as many points as you can. Quick thinking and logical reasoning are required in equal measure to get the highest scores!

Click here to download Kusari via the App Store

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  1. OOH…I LOVED THIS GAME! ROFL…thanks brooke. this brings back good times…good times…. XD

  2. jailbreak 3G Unlock iPhone 2.1

  3. Does this game work for any of you? It opens for me, let’s me put my name but crashes before going to the game and dumps me back to the home screen. All my other games work fine. Tried restarting phone.