iDrums 1.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

iDrums is a drum simulation application. Once installed and opened, it displays a basic drum set. You can then tap the drums and symbols to get a audio simulation of that instrument. The sound is actually pretty decent. Though, I have no idea how to play drums so those of you who do will have to let me know if they really sound good or not!

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  1. I cant find this anywhere in Cydia….. Also what happen to the old payphone that was in cydia that made your dialer look like a payphone.. I loved that app.. and now it is gone also..

    • yeah i was looking for the retro phone app as well. i forget what source it was in too. if anyone knows that would be grand.

  2. Maybe you can put the source so its a little bit more complete

  3. i do not get sound when i use this app and i cant tell if its frozen or not so im have no idea whats wrong

  4. Thanks.
    shut down the vibrator mode and put all the volume cause I think its not so loud.

  5. The sounds are ok but for me there is a noticeable delay between the time you hit the screen and when you actually hear a drum sound. Quite a number of milliseconds so it’s basically not doable.

  6. i tried to pen it, but i get a “idrums can’t be lunched” message. :/
    help ?

  7. yeah, same happens for me. “cannot open idrums”. Also occurs for certain other apps as well. A fix would be appreciated. Cheers.

  8. i dl this appl on my ipodtouch jailbroken, but i dont know why it cant open.

  9. it wont open on my iTouch either

  10. I can’t open idrums too
    help me :(

  11. Mike Miller says

    Still no response RE: the iDrums app not opening?!

    Looks like it’s going to be removed from quite a few phones. Too bad, it seems like it would be fun!

    Thanks anywayzzz.

  12. Is not working….very bad for this company…byby

  13. Same problem idrums cannot be opened :( any luck fixing this

  14. Thiago Salinas says

    I enjoyed a lot the app, but when I upgraded my itouch to the firm 2.2.1 I lost both my jailbreak and my cydia apps. After all, I jailbroke that thing again, but, after installing idrums, it didn’t work anymore (the message is the same from the guys above).

    As I want to use the app again, I wonder if you could fix that.

    Thank you very much

  15. Having the same problem. mayb it has something to do with FW 2.2.1?
    because ur saying that i did work before u upgraded your firmware.
    Ive seen the app working on 2.2.1 on iphone 3G, didnt had any trouble.
    Now im trying it, it wont work.
    anyone has some solutions found for this problem?