Polar Bear Farm Ltd Apps Currently Free

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

App Store Polar Bear Farm Ltd is allowing all of their apps to be downloaded for free from the App Store due to the companies first Birthday. Which means you can get Duck Shoot, Record, Telegram and Note Pad for free. Duck Shoot was previously $0.99, Record was previously $1.99, Telegram was previously $5.99 and Note Pad was previously $2.99. So, go get them while they are free!!

Duck Shooticonicon



Note Padiconicon

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  1. Wow!! Thanks a lot for the news Brooke. !!
    Time for App Shopping :)

  2. Thanks for the tip Brooke. Gotta love free! :-)
    Have a fantastic Thursday!

  3. Happy birthday Polar Bese Farm

  4. Sheesh!! Can’t wait to wait to my house to connect and download them! Thanks for the info

  5. It,s not pair or sync in this free version at least.

  6. How come its not showing that they are free?