Transformer 2.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Transformer I saw an application in Cydia today called Transformer. It is an app that allows you to make your iPod Touch look more like an iPhone. According to the more info, you can add iPhone Prefs, Signal Bars and iPhone Apps (Phone, SMS, Camera) to your iPod Touch. We do not have any test iPod Touches (all of our test phones are iPhones). But, I’m curious to know if this application works well. So, if you are one of the people brave enough to test it out, let me know in the comments how it worked for you! Transformer is available via the ModMyi source.

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  1. Ok sorry to bring this up here but dont know how else to ask.
    why haven you guys mentioned the new app MySMS it gives you landscape typing for your text messages finally.

  2. works fine for the iTouch

  3. And this does still not work on my iTouch XD
    I get an error that says “This tweak only works on an iPod Touch” i have tried to find a solution but have not been able to do so :(

  4. in cydia :source error or bad script and something

  5. OK. I tried this like months ago and it worked but then i couldn’t change it back or uninstall. I tried deleting filed in SSH but that didn’t work. Had to restore. DON”T INSTALL (unless it has been updated)

  6. if i wanted to i would just get an iphone.

    i like my touch just the way it is and find that deception only hurts the deceiver.


  7. works fine. everone thinks i got an iphone

  8. is this deleted from cydia now?

  9. mine cant work. it writes doing it all……………..please wait. after that, i clicked respring. when i was done respringing, there was no app. help!! (i also tried respringing manually)

  10. Didn’t work for me. Tried all the various options and then resprang after each one.

    No instructions includes so i guess it’s suppose to be easy to use. I must be stupid.

    Deleted it now.

  11. is it because i have a WB theme installed?

  12. Lewis England says

    I had the version before this breifly which worked well, i liked the phone theme that came with it. This version doesn’t change a thing on my Touch. Even with manual resprings, uninstalled since

  13. I have the source but transformer isn’t on cydia does it work for 2.1 please help

    • Don’t install transformer. It does not uninstall properly. After uninstalling it gave me a bug. When you double clickthe home button in cover flow it brings up the dial screen.

  14. Are you mad says

    Jon says ‘works fine. everone thinks i got an iphone’

    ‘Hey Jon has an iphone…..oh wait, he’s just pretending….. why would he do that? must be mentally ill.’

  15. Vishnu Bachani says

    Does anybody know where I can get this app? Installer? Cydia?


    i cant find it in cydia!!!! someone tell me the source?

  17. other jon says

    ya it installs fine but theres no icon only a few things on winterboard and iv tried like every combinatoon but it wont work somebody please explain how u set it up