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Backgrounds Backgrounds is the number one free application right now in the App Store. So, I decided to see what all the fuss was about! Backgrounds is an application that allows you to easily look through wallpapers and add them your iPhone or iPod Touch.

When you open Backgrounds, you will see a upper menu bar with three options; Popular, Recent and Category. The Popular option will display the most popular wallpapers, the Recent option will display recently added wallpaper and the Category option will give you a list of categories for the wallpapers. You can scroll through the wallpapers by using the arrow at the bottom of the page. Once you have found a wallpaper that you like, select it. This will open a page with that wallpaper. From there you can save the wallpaper to your iPhone or iPod Touch or you can report the wallpaper. If you select Save, you will get a pop-up saying that the wallpaper has been saved…if you select Ok, you will be brought back to where you left off in the wallpapers. If you would like to report the wallpaper, scroll down and select Report Background. You are then given a few options for the reason why you are reporting the wallpaper.

The wallpapers that you save from the application are saved to your Camera Roll. For some reason the application says that it saves the wallpapers is your Settings and then Wallpapers but, it saved mine to my Camera Roll. Either way, once you find the wallpapers on your iPhone, you can select it and save it as your wallpaper. For people with stock iPhones or iPod Touches, the wallpaper will display on your lock screen. For people with jailbroke iPhones or iPod Touches, you can display the wallpapers on your lock screen and/or SpringBoard. You can also submit your own wallpapers to the application by going to

There are a few things I like about this application and a few things that I’m not huge on. I like that the app is easy to use, that it is relatively quick and that did not crash once during testing. I also like that there are a decent amount of wallpapers to choose from. I’m not huge on the fact that most of the wallpapers are 1024×768. Which means they require cropping when adding them as a wallpaper. It is probably just personal preference but, I would prefer the images were already 320×480. Also, it would also be nice if the app would save where you are in the wallpapers when you close and reopen the application. That way, you do not have to scroll through them all again. Overall, I think it is a decent app that provides a quick and easy way to find wallpapers.

Note: As with all wallpaper applications, this application may contain images that some deem inappropriate.


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  1. Does it take a while for each wallpaper to load. And does this require constant internet connection.

    • Isabella M. says

      You have to have internet connection while your picture is downloading. Otherwise it will stop the downloading until you get connection again. Then you will have to redownload it. It only takes between 5-12 seconds to download. Unless your ipod freezes up (which, thank goodness, has never happened to me)
      once you download the picture you want click your home button go to photos and select the picture you want. click the bottom left icon at the bottom and it will ask if you want it as your wallpaper. Click wallpaper and there you go!

  2. Yea, it’s a pretty cool app, and there are some pretty cool wallpapers inside, but once you download them, it’s true you have to flip them in your picture gallery to get them to fit properly. If you don’t mind some of the walls being sideways, and some work well this way, it’s not so bad. Overall it’s a pretty descent app that’s free.

  3. I’m on an iPod touch n my wallpapers don’t show up, camera roll is not an option when choosing wallpapers :(. any1 else have this issue?

  4. Hi m using iphone 3g i downloaded this backgrounds but its not opening in the phone it keeps on loading but it doesnt. Anybody facing the same problem.

  5. Hello. How do you set a certain wallpaper to the background on a homescreen? :O I’ve jailbroken my iphone and already have WinterBoard.

  6. Thanks for your reply, Douglas. I tried that already and what I meant was how do we set a different wallpaper to our homescreen other than what it’s shown in the lockscreen?

  7. Isabella M. says

    I LOVE this app! I have over 1000 pics on my ipod touch 2nd generation. I have one problem. Is there a way that you can save the pics on the computer? I have to return my ipod because the backlight is burnt out and it keeps freezing up but all of the pictures I have downloaded would be lost. I am going to have to get a brand new one and I will lose anything that is not backed up. I really don’t want to lose all of those pictures. It took so long to download them. PLEASE HELP! I am returning it in a week and I really don’t want to lose my pictures. Thanks.