2.2 Firmware Now Available in iTunes

The newest version of firmware is now available in iTunes, version 2.2. We’re installing now on a test phone and will be providing screen shots and a direct link as soon as possible. Looks like big features are Google Street View, over the air downloads for Podcasts, Pressing home from any home screen takes you to the first home screen.

*UPDATE* Initial reports are that 1st Gen iPhones retain their software unlocks.
*UPDATE 2* More reports of unlock not being effected, jailbreak is removed and you will lose all jailbroken apps and hacks.
*UPDATE 3* Added progress bar picture (see below). I don’t remember seeing this before. It was displayed during firmware upgrade.
*UPDATE 4* Added screenshots of Google Maps Streetview.
*UPDATE 5* I’ve noticed I can now see thumbnails of screenshots I’ve taken in Windows when browsing the iPhone drive, before they were blank.
*UPDATE 6* Added screenshots of podcasts in iTunes
*UPDATE 7* Added screenshot of Safari, address bar and search bar now side by side
*UPDATE 8* Added screenshots of New App Store features: categories have icons, sort by top paid, top free or Release date; write a review, report a problem and tell a friend buttons have been reorganized (thanks to readers for finding these)
*UPDATE 9*Added screenshots of walking directions & share location features

This update contains many bug fixes and improvements, including the following:
• Enhancements to Maps
– Google Street View
– public transit and walking directions
– display address of dropped pins
– share location via email
• Enhancements to Mail
– resolved isolated issues with scheduled fetching
of email
– improved formatting of wide HTML email
• Improved stability and performance of Safari
• Podcasts are now available for download in iTunes
application (over Wi-Fi and cellular network)
• Decrease in call set-up failures and call drops
• Improved sound quality of visual voicemail messages
• Pressing the Home button from any Home screen takes
you to the first Home screen
• Preference to turn on/off auto-correction in Keyboard

Products compatible with this software update:
• iPhone
• iPhone 3G

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  1. How about landscape typing? I don’t care about anything else…I just want landscape SMS.

    • I’ll let you know after the upgrade. Sometimes there are little features that aren’t listed but show up. This is something I’ve never understood. Why all stock apps don’t work vertically and horizontally.

    • I just tested it. No landscape SMS typing.

    • Just jailbreak and use biteSMS. It’s free if you use your carrier plan and gives you landscape SMS.

    • I thought and though and really think it’s all a matter of looks for Apple! They don’t want it looking like a sidekick or else on peoples hand! if you can see the buttons or the camera you you know it’s an iPhone and it sticks out more from your hand when you’re typing and the logo is visible, landscape not not, it actually totally covers it and if you usa a case… gone, it’s just a phone!! We don’t really know, maybe we’ll never know but I do hope do get it! maybe even a hack, iLog does to the phone app it changes it with no problems!! Maybe Someone could do for that? is it that had? would it take more than a day do implement that code? maybe three ok! not hard yet! But hey it’s Apple Computers we are talking about here!, it would’ve been done if they really wanted it! they are so anal about some things! Let’s keep asking and hoping! Have a good day!

  2. It would be so easy too….Doug, did you ever find out if 3g hit Des Moines yet?

    • So far, not here yet, Thanksgiving was the cut-off…

    • I called at&t the other day and they said they expect 3g in des moines before the end of the year now, and that it could go up any time now.

    • That is crap. Way to go AT&T. I only have two true wants from my iPhone now, native landscape typing for everything and 3g. I would say that i’m going to switch, but that would be a loose threat. :) I love my iPhone too much to bastardized it to a different network. Tmobile sucks in DES moines.

    • sorry for the mispells, oh auto correct how you screw me sometimes…

  3. Should I wait to upgrade since I have jailbroken firmware 2.1 on it, or can I just jump right into 2.2? Let us know if you see anything new besides the list above…(I frankly don’t care about any of that stuff).

  4. The 277mb updated is also for iPod Touch V2, ihave dl and in the process of flashing it.

  5. this update isnt worth losing my jailbroken apps. hardly seems worth an update.

  6. Whats on with 1st gen iPhones any info about’em?

  7. worth it in my opinion, will just wait to get all my jailbroken with the next release of the new jailbreak:p

  8. :O A podcast button?? but what will happen to my Starbucks button!?!

  9. is mobile.nytimes.com screwed up for anyone else?

  10. Lewis England says

    There is a update for the first gen ipod touch as well. Downloading it now. So you’re saying that the unlocks stay but the jailbroken stuff goes?
    what is the difference between them. Can you get stuff back on it or will we have to wait for the dev team to release some softwares?

    • If I have this right, the unlock has to do with the software on the modem which is different than the operating system. When you upgrade the OS, the baseband isn’t always effected. Sometimes it is though. So far I’ve talked to a few people that went from 2.1 unlocked to 2.2 and the unlock stays. All jailbroke apps, mods and hacks are gone. As far as I know, you don’t get that back. You’ll have to start over. You can SSH off themes and other individual app settings before upgrading.

  11. app store has been majorly updated!!!

    if you go to categories, each category now has an icon.
    after selecting a category, you can then sort by top paid, top free, and release date.

    this is sweet.

    • Thanks for the tip, I’ve added it.

    • another thing i noticed, instead of only viewing one screenshot in the app preview, you can new see all of them, and tapping on one lets you view it full screen so you can see exactly how it will look on your screen

  12. also worthy of note, you can now report app problems, write reviews, and when you delete an app, it asks you to rate it 1-5 stars.

  13. Does the new version let vpn client work properly in version 2.1 i noticed it would not connect?

  14. hey i have a 2G 16GB iphone firmware 1.1.4. jailbroken using ziphone,
    i want to update to the latest firmware which is now 2.2, will i have to jailbreak it again or not? if yes then where can i find the software to jailbreak for 2G iphone 2.2?
    help please..
    thnx all

    • Yes you do have to update and re-jailbreak. None of the old installer apps will work on any firmware above 2.0, but cydia has more than enough to keep you happy. Go here http://thebigboss.org/ for all the info and step by step instructions.

    • Lewis England says

      There is no jailbreak as of yet for Firmware 2.2
      Safest bet is to keep itunes 8.0.1 and jailbreak 2.1 using QuickPwn (google search it if you’re unsure)

      Until Dev Team release a jailbreak for 2.2, I’m gonna keep my 2.1 ipod touch.

  15. Yo Doug, am still usin a 1.1.4 firmware on my 1st G iphone….i’ve been wondering is it time to update to 2x version, and which one is the most stable right now?…..which is the best app to do so, cause i need to jailbreak, unlock and activate…u know :P

    plz respond this is been drivin me nuts!

    • You can’t jailbreak 2.2 yet, dev team needs to come out with a fix. I would say if you want to jailbreak right now, hold off, or put 2.1 on it.

    • You can see our jailbreak page for the best way to jailbreak. If I were you I’d upgrade to 2.1. You can get it from our firmware page.

    • Yo Doug i have been trying to update to 2.1 on my WinXP…..using QuickPWN , but i cant even get through the restoring to the “2.1 Fireware” in iTunes!…..on itunes 7.6 its giving me an “error (6)”…i updated iTunes to the latest version 8, now am getting another error (1067) or something.

      any help will be great!


  16. I hate dealing with new upgrades and stuff .. So what’s the deal? Does anyone know the process on how to upgrade from an iPhone 3G jailbroken phone from 2.1 to 2.2 while retaining all my apps and data and not losing anything? yelp!

    • I will post a tutorial for going from 2.1 to 2.2 on my blog after I get news that the dev team has got it up and working. I’m also sure that Doug will have something about it…

  17. I have heard of issues with Pandora staying alive with the new firmware. Can anyone validate that before I upgrade?

    • Haven’t heard of any issues like this, but I have heard of youtube having some issues for some.

    • Just tried it with Pandora 1.2.1 and firmware 2.2. Pandora did not say alive when pressing the home button.

    • Thanks Douglass. What you describe is also how it behaves under firmware 2.1 and Pandora v1.2.1. I was worried that Pandora may quit when going into sleep mode

  18. I have upgraded to 2.2 and decided to unjailbreak my phone. The problem i have run into is all the apps i had in category folders from cydia have not come back to me and that includes app store apps. The only apps that will come back to me is the ones that werent in folders. They are installed but the icons arent there. Im now restoring again and i guess im going to have to start from scratch instead of restoring from back up. Im hoping this works.

    • Yeah, un-jailbreaking requires a full restore unless you have a ispw file from your phone, PRIOR to the jailbreak that you can restore to. (Which I did not either…)

  19. HAHA. I know where those Street View pics are at….

  20. Did any of the emoji icons make it into this release, as predicted?


  21. is street view avialable in UK, can’t see it anywhere on maps.

    • There are no Street View images from the UK but Google are working on adding cities shortly. London as an example will be one of the first. You can still view Street View images from those countries that are live to see what the fuss is about, USA, Australia etc.

  22. is street view the one shaped like a bus in the middle.

  23. hey jus wondering im on fw 2.1 jailbroken on a 3g iphone if i restore to update will all my contacts erase? please reply

  24. This looks great. If only they would fix that keyboard and make more apps in landscape mode.

  25. How do u view street view in maps?

  26. Aww man, the google street view doesn’t work on the ipodtouches. :( Well they added some icons in the catagorie section.

  27. how do i see the street view. i cant find it?

  28. I found it you have to drop a pin and then u will see a banner over the pin and touch the icon on the left of the banner

  29. i found the emoji in japanese keyboard.it’s cool.

  30. Pictures distort when saving from email and the web to phone. Please confirm problem. What the f.

    • Pics saved from websites or emails appear blurry now on 2.2 cool I’m not the only one. My favorite pic of my son for my Bday taken with another iphone and it appears blurry and I can’t use it as my wallpaper. I’m smoking mad now.

  31. Cody Limongello says

    A feature that sliped by is you can now take screen shots of the lock screen!!

  32. Cool..more countries added in the address list

  33. DJContagious says

    there is one more thing i think you missed

    when you have an application open (any of them, a game, Safari, iPod, anything) and hold the home button, a pop-up shows up saying keep holding to force quit

    this is new


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