Street View Enabler – Street View on the iPod Touch

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Street View Enabler One of the coolest new features of firmware 2.2 is Google Street View. Well, as many of you already know, the iPod Touch did not receive this new feature with the update. Though, I did hear that the iPod Touch got a nice processor increase making it faster than the iPhone! Very cool! Anyway, no need to sulk over not having Street View on your iPod Touch any longer! Last night, Street View Enabler showed up in Cydia. It seems that if you are on firmware 2.2 (BE SURE YOU ARE ON FIRMWARE 2.2, or newer, BEFORE INSTALLING!!) you can install Street View Enabler and join in the fun. If you gave it a try, let me know in the comments how it is working for you.

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  1. installed it last night on my girls ipod touch and it works as good as it does on the iphone.

  2. Installed today and it works but I noticed that if I drop a pin it won’t highlight the street view option, the only time I get the option is when I physically have to enter the address to get that option highlighted

    • steve anderson says

      because street view does not work in the uk yet apple have a firmware update in 4 weeks to adress this so it looks like jailbreaking all over again

    • I am having the same problem but i like in America to

    • I live in las vegas nevada so it shouldwork, I’m not in the uk…

    • dude, there wouldn’t an update in 4 weeks? The technology is already in the phone, the problem is Uk doesn’t have Street view implemented yet probably google fault. Am in the Uk, but when I search for certain places in the US I can use Street view. Anyway how do you know this?

    • Does street view work in Canada? I updated my 1st ten iPhone and the orange guy doesn’t light up no matter putting addy in or not?

    • Jesse:

      Canadian cities have not been photographed for Street View yet. So no, you won’t be able to see Canadian cities in Street View. However, the wait should not be long as Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Quebec City, and Vancouver are slated to be photographed.

      So far countries that have Street View are: US, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Japan.

      As for the UK, Google has already photographed London but privacy groups were protesting so its been put on hold. Funny considering London is the most photgraphed/video’d city in the world.

  3. When i try installing it comes up with error of “1 Broken Packages the follow packageshave unmet dependencies: Street View Anabler”

    Anyone have any ideas of how to get this to work?

  4. I installed it and works fine but before this Cydia installation which is easier i modified the plist file the same way the discoverer did and it was working way better, everytime i would drop a pin and select it it would give me the address of the location right away and i just had to tap on the red icon and it would take to Street View on that location with address and everything. After my testing i restored again and jailbroke my iPod touch 1stGen and installed this package. It does work but you have to type the address yourself in order to see Street View. Other thing is that this package leaves the iPod logo at the top corner and you don’t get the “Activation” pop-up like the first method. Personally i think that the first method is better in functionality and stabilization but you’d get the annoying pop-up and the “No Service” instead of iPod at the top left corner. For more info and screenshots, visit my blog: http://www(dot)itouchnology(dot)blogspot(dot)com (Sorry for the (dot), you guys know what to type… Hehehe, thanks and by the way, GREAT WEBSITE, I VISIT EVERYDAY!!!

  5. steve anderson says

    no street view in the uk apple have to update firmware in 4 weeks apple have told me

  6. Um just wanted to let you guys at appleiphoneschool know that you have adds advertising a 2.2 unlock for $25. I haven’t bought it myself but I imagine its quickpwn or pwnage (something free). I know you probably cannot monitor the adds but its not to greatest thing to advertise.

    • Stevey,

      There is NO software unlock for the 3G yet. Original 2G iPhones can be still unlocked with FW2.2

      Anyone who is selling unlock for the 3G is probably a scammer or are selling SIMproxies/emulators (TurboSIM, RebelSIM, StealthSIM, etc.)

      The iPhone Dev Team will be releasing a software unlock for the 3G very soon…

    • I am aware that there is no 3G unlock. No offense but no where in my post did I mention a 3G unlock. The company is not selling a 3G unlock for carriers, its everything but that (iphone 2G, Ipod touch 2.2…) The url is if you want to see what i mean.

    • **edit: sorry I meant Jailbreak and Unlock for iPhone 2G only, not the iPod touch.

  7. Hey Guys Its Not In MY Cydia And My Cydia Doesn’t Work Any More…
    It Doesn’t Update And Ive Tried Re-Installing It But It Doesn’t Work…
    Can Someone Upload Their’s To Me

  8. Just installed this on my first generation iPod Touch with the new 2.2 update and can confirm it changes absolutely nothing on the Maps app. :-(

    • it does work. as someone mentioned above, it only works for me when I enter in a specific address. i still don’t understand why us touch users are treated like a red-headed stepchild when it comes to new added features. why don’t we have this, or walking directions!!??

    • Well, what are the odds of having a wifi connection while walking? If you’re so broken up about it, get a freaking iPhone.

  9. I just installed it on my 1G iPod Touch and I can confirm that it works.

  10. its awesome. but i thought t was already there lol thanks for the tip!

  11. I jus installed it, but nothing changed…

  12. I have it installed on my iPod and it works perfectly. The new update (v0.2) enables walking and transit directions and fixes the street view not working with dropped pin problem described above. As far as I can tell this brings the iPod map app completely in line with the iPhone version.

  13. I can confirm, that the enabler is working! It adds also transport direction mod as well.

  14. I used the Manual method and is great, i also got rid of the “No Service” editing a XML file with some instructions i found but if you don’t want to get your hands dirty with code just get Cydia Street View Enabler v0.2 and you are ready to go. But i personally prefer the manual method because i got it done myself.

  15. The only iPod touch with a faster processor is the second generation and it is not a jailbreak method yet. 1stGen iPod touch share the same processor as the 1stGen iPhone.

  16. works FLAWLESSLY.
    adds every iPhone Maps application update for 2.2.

  17. Obviously some areas of the world don’t have street view available yet. But to check you enabled it correctly, navigate your map to somewhere popular like san francisco or new york, drop a pin there and it should have the street view option on it.