noteskinery and noteskinery+ on Sale for a Limited Time.

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99 & $3.99  

noteskinery Many of you may remember an application called moleskine from back in the 1.1.4 and below firmware days! :) Honestly, it was one of my favorite jailbroke apps! I then wrote about how molskine has been moved to the AppStore as moleskinery. YAY! Well, it seems that moleskinery has been update (now called noteskinery) and with the update has went on sale for a limited time…until the 28th of November. If you have not purchased the app yet due to price…you will want to do it now!

    • noteskinery
        – Usual price US$4.99
        – Offer price US$0.99


    • noteskinery+
        – Usual price US$11.99
        – Offer price US$3.99


“If you are not familiar with noteskinery and noteskinery+, here’s a brief summary from a previous post:

noteskinery and noteskinery+ are note management applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Both applications let users organize their notes in multi-level folders and customize those notes with a wide variation of stylish icons. In addition, noteskinery+ makes use of the iPhone’s built-in camera and microphone function to attach photos and voice recording for each notes.”

For more info on noteskinery…check out their website. There are a ton of great video demos on the website as well.

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  1. Since Noteskinnery lost the ability to import notes direct from the iPhone notebook, it lost its usefulness to me 0 and I was a full license paying customer.

    Trying to find a temp workaround I discovered Notebook from ToodleDoo and just love it.

  2. I totally agree with you Brooke. This was the best app on 1.1.4 but as of now, many other similar apps are available for Free…. So, buying this one doesn’t really make sense….

    Hope to see a Lite version like we had on Installer for Free…