noteskinery and noteskinery+ on Sale for a Limited Time.

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99 & $3.99  

noteskinery Many of you may remember an application called moleskine from back in the 1.1.4 and below firmware days! :) Honestly, it was one of my favorite jailbroke apps! I then wrote about how molskine has been moved to the AppStore as moleskinery. YAY! Well, it seems that moleskinery has been update (now called noteskinery) and with the update has went on sale for a limited time…until the 28th of November. If you have not purchased the app yet due to price…you will want to do it now!

    • noteskinery
        – Usual price US$4.99
        – Offer price US$0.99


    • noteskinery+
        – Usual price US$11.99
        – Offer price US$3.99

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Moleskinery and Moleskinery+

Available In: App Store       Price: $2.99 & $12.99  

If you are thinking that these two apps sound familiar…you are right! Many of you already know that moleskine was one of my favorite jailbreak apps. Well, it seems that it has made it’s way to the App Store in the form of two apps!! They are actually very similar to the jailbreak version of the app. Below is a break-down of both applications; Moleskinery and Moleskinery+.

Moleskinery allows you to create Folders like normal and then create folders and notes inside each folder. If you tap on the folder icon, you are still able to change the icon for the folder. You can choose from Animal, Colours, Elements, Insects, Sports and Water icons for both folders and notes. If you tap on a note icon, you are also still able to email a note.
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