Pwnage and QuickPwn Available for Firmware 2.2

Dev Team The Dev Team has released jailbreaks for firmware 2.2. You can get all the info HERE. Make sure you read all the instructions very carefully. We will be jailbreaking our iPhones soon and will post instructions and our experience once we have finished.

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  1. Just finished the install. I chose the update option and realized that it does not remove your apps, music, videos…. I couldn’t restore from backup which i needed so i could use apt backup. Ended up restoring it fully, restored from backup, got all my apps, set up my theme. All happy! (An iPod Touch 1Gen User)

    • was your phone jailbroken or stock when you upgraded to 2.2?

    • My iPod touch was jailbroken, i updated to 2.2 through itunes and used quickpwn.

    • Yeah, sorry…I meant 3G 2.1 was jailbroken but i updated to 2.2 through itunes and it’s stock now. What tutorial, if any, did you follow to update to 2.2?

    • Sorry I didn’t use a tutorial, however the dev team site might help. It really quite easy though:
      1) Update ipod touch to 2.2 through itunes
      2) Close itunes and launch quickpwn
      3) Read the pop-ups and click okay to them
      4) Quickpwn does the rest (you will have to put your password in once on a mac)
      5) Make sure to follow the on screen instructions in Quickpwn carefully!

      Hope this could help.

    • You should restore it iTunes first before you upgrade if your jailbroken. And to find out how to jailbreak 2.2 just go on YouTube and search jailbreak iPhone 2.2 and you have all the download links and tutorial right there.

    • Yeah sorry about that, it is better to restore if you can.

  2. I updated and SBSettings doesn’t work

    • sorry i just tried it again and it works

    • Yes. I tried it briefly and SB seems to be working fine. So far, Intelliscreen is working too, but I haven’t had it running for long enough to tell for sure.

  3. I’ll have a jailbreak tutorial up on my blog shortly for jumping from a 2.1 jailbroken iPhone to jailbroken 2.2. Writing it while I’m updating so hopefully everything goes as smooth as I want it too.

  4. does this also unlock? I have an iPhone 1st gen

  5. Can the new tool unlock the sim as well on iphone 2G?

  6. Yep, no problems with unlock on the non 3G iPhone. Ran through the whole process this morning, with no problems. Read the DevTeam’s info carefully if you have a 3G though..

    i love that there’s a little progress bar on the phone’s screen beneath the apple during the restore process now. Very cool.

    Is it just me, or does 2.2 feel a bit faster to anyone else?

    • It does, I’m clicking along pretty well. Here’s hoping that Safari stops crashing…its really be hanging on me lately.

      2.3 Hopes:
      – Wireless Syncing to iTunes :D (pipe dream)
      – Don’t care about Copy/paste OR MMS. Its called email people.

    • No, its called MMS. Especially when all you’re trying to do is send a picture to someone without an iPhone.

      Also, we need the option to cancel when sending a text message.

    • I agree with Kluemenadi…..

  7. yesssssss it works THANKS

  8. After reading Dev Team’s blog, it seems like it is not ready.

  9. I updated & jailbroke 2.2 … I sshed into my iPod & added the mobileinstallation file n then went 2 sync all my apps from iTunes but they won’t show up. is any 1 having this problem

    • yea, I added the mobileinstallation and when i respring my ipod, it never stops so i had to restore it again

    • Xsellize has a mobileinstallation file just for 2.2. I installed it and resynched to itunes all my games are back.

  10. Hey…. is this true right now in this first release? If so, you may want to wait tp upgrade until a newer release.

    [from the Dev Team Blog page]

    “….If you apply this update and you have third-party (non AppStore) applications that you rely on they will stop working…”

  11. So i will loose all my third-party (non AppStore) applications if i upgrade my jailbroken 2.1 to jailbroken 2.2 ?
    I will have to install all of them again? or use Aptbackup?

  12. i went to backup using iTune after successfully upgrading to 2.2 and cydia was installed. After restoring to backup, my cydia is gone.

  13. been told off apple there is a new firmware update in 4 weeks because they didn’t have time to put google street view into the 2.2 forvthe uk so hope dev team knows about it

  14. also got error saying contacts cannot be synced in iTunes now but they do sync

  15. I can’t find transformer in cydia? does any one have any idea?

  16. Can you update from jailbroken 2.1 to 2.2 without restoring? also when exactly do you run aptbackup? is there an faq from upgrading from an already jailbroken phone to the newest jailbreak, and maintain all jailbroken aps?

  17. A few quick questions:

    Does pwnage work with iTunes 8.0.2? And is Winterboard working on FW 2.2?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Yes to both of your questions, or at least for me they worked.

    • I ended up using Pwnage Tool 2.2.1 Simple mode to jailbreak my 2G iPhone. Happy to report that Boss Prefs, Cycorder, WinterBoard, and Stack are all working on FW 2.2.
      The only issue I see is that the category “changes,” is not updating for me in Cydia. Does anyone know how to fix this?

      Thanks in advance.

    • Great News!!!!

      FW 2.2 allows you to take a screen shot of the lock screen.

  18. Does any1 having problems with Cydia?? I cant download some app from Cydia that I used to have on my iPhone 2G 2.1 version….

  19. Also when I try to install some it said that these app is installed but actually its not…..or takes a long time to download…..

  20. I have a 3g jailbrokee on 2.1 and im wondering if i have i ahve to restore and then update and then use quickpwn. Also will my contacts stay?

    • If u don’t want to unlock ur iPhone in the future u can do that (update to 2.2 then quickpwn) also do a backup on iTunes, so u won’t lose any contacts or apps.

  21. DJContagious says


    2 days…..

  22. Can anyone else find transformer in cydia? ( the one for ipod touch)

  23. aptbackup didnt do anything for me and i dont know why..

  24. I had Cydia hidden and used with SBSettings prior to the 2.2 jailbreak. Using QuickPwn, I seem to be jailbroken but with no visible Cydia. Anyone know how to get around this without finding an older “archive” that was not using SBSettings?

    • OK everyone … a little research and I found how to undo this situation:

      “In the most drastic case where you also do not have SSH, you can use iphone browser and delete the file located at /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ Then reboot.”

  25. Thanks for the update Brooke.
    I have upgraded to 2.2 and everything seems to be perfect !!

    Just one question. My iPhone is NOT jailbroken and I need PdaNet application. Is there a way to make an ipa file of it and install it via iTunes or will I have to jailbreak it….?

  26. Is anyone else having issues installing aptBackup after updating to 2.2? It almost seems to install but doesn’t show when I press home and clicking Manage->Packages it doesn’t show up as installed. Restarting doesn’t help. Anyone else having this issue?

  27. Oh my…what should I do now? i have mistakenly chosen the stock ipsw 2.2 instead of the custom ipsw 2.2 created with pwnagetool 2.2…late night man..darn!!!! lost everything and feels like banging my head to the wall..
    any experts here would guide me on how to get my iphone 3g back to its cydia glory? saw some posts that i might lose the future unlock.
    would it be possible to use turbo sim later on should i need to change my carrier in the future?
    please anyone? thanks

  28. I successfully jailbroke my iPhone 3g on the 1st try. No problems at all.
    The only thing is I can’t get the Qik app to work. It crashes upon startup everytime I open the app. Other than that everything is working great like I said.

  29. Anyone have problems while syncing their 2G iPhone? My phone reboots while it tries installing/updating apps. Thus, it only installs a couple apps during the sync and then it reboots and then i have to re-sync again. I have to repeat this until all the apps are installed.

  30. SBSettings users! I restored my phone to the new firmware, jailbroke using Quickpwn, and everything was working fine. However, I had previously put Cydia (and some other apps) onto the dock of my SBSettings. Now that I’ve restored to my backup so that I can use AptBackup, my Cydia icon is missing and I can’t install figure out a way to get it back without starting over fresh. I can see Cydia in my Applications folder using iPhone Browser, so I know it’s there. Any suggestions?

  31. Are some of the Cydia sources offline right now? I just restored my phone via iTunes and then jailbroke it using QuickPwn but I can’t download several apps in Cydia because it keeps telling me that it can’t find the package within my current sources. I have made sure all the sources listed in green on this website are installed.

    • This happened to me earlier, I fixed it by restoring to stock 2.2 and then jailbreaking using Pwnage 2.2.1, simple mode. No problems

      Hope this helps.

    • Hit refresh on the “Changes” screen. For some reason, sometimes Cydia will not refresh the sources properly. This happened on one of our phones.

  32. On a 1st gen iPhone the strangest thing I’ve noticed so far is that after SSH’ing into my phone the Themes folder now has a duplicate of each folder contained within. All of my old folders are still there plus newer versions with different extensions and basic content inside. I’m wondering if anyone else has notice the same thing. Everything is working fine, I deleted the old files after saving the contents to my desktop.

  33. *Off Topic*

    For those of us who bank with WAMU (Washington Mutual), there site now has the iPhone ready mobile phone browser style similar to this site when on the iPhone. 100 times easier to use than the normal PC site.

  34. I tried restoring my iphone2g and while restoring i got iTunes error 1602 and my previously jailbroken phone bricked all I got is a drawing of a guy saying something in russian and iTunes doesn’t detect the phone even if I try to put it in DFU mode. HELP!!!

    • Hmm, sounds similar to mine.
      I had a 1.1.4 phone and successfully updated it to 2.2. It was working perfectly, street view worked, app store apps worked, etc. After a day, the phone froze and rebooted to the “Steve Jobs cartoon with a Russian saying”. It is currently stuck cycling between that Steve Jobs cartoon and the pineapple. I can’t even restore in iTunes now because I keep getting an “unknown error 14”. Any help would be appreciated.

      • hey did that work? i have the same problem except that now my phone is stuck on the connect to itunes page. i keep restoring it but it says error 1005 or 1060 its between those two.

    • Plug it into your computer and open iTunes. I got that too and I was able to restore my iPod back to normal.

  35. Hi. Is anyone else having trouble SSHing to their iphone 3g after the 2.2 update? i’m on a mac using cyber duck…. any suggestions?

    • Assuming your iPhone is jailbroken with openssh installed, username: root, password: alpine, have you checked you wifi address to insure it hasn’t changed?

  36. I have Gen 1 iPhone and I DL’d QuickPWN and just left everything default. Worked FLAWLESSLY.

    Thanks DEV Team!!

  37. Just wondering I restored my iphone then updated to 2.2, then used a back up to get all my contacts back then quickpwned. Is that the right way to do it or should i have just started all over? Plus after all that in the program lockdown I can’t find the camera app to put a password on. It shows up everywhere else except in Lockdown any reason why?

  38. does this UNLOCK the iphone 3G aswell?
    not jailbreak btw,UNLOCK it. means i could put anysimcard on my iphone 3G

  39. I have Gen 1 Iphone unlocked and jailbroken with Ziphone running 1.1.4
    and iTunes 7. Can I use QuickPWN 2.2 to upgrade to 2.2 w/o problems ?

    Is the following procedure the correct way to upgrade ? :

    * upgrade to most recent iTunes version
    * connect Iphone and let ITunes update the FW to 2.2
    * Download quickPwn and run it

    Or is there anything else i have to take care of ?

  40. Now i got it to restore in iTunes but when I run QuickPWN (for Windows) but it gets stuck when it gives you the instructions “Wait until the phone restarts in restore mode” or something like that, it gets stuck on the first one and does nothing. is anybody having this issue??

  41. Tried using Pwntool 2.2.1 as suggested and it worked like charm. I guess, future soft unlocking still an issue based on the dev-team warning, perhaps turbo sims will do the work if need be.

    Never used Aptbackup so everything lost. Anyway, happy that I am out to enjoy Cydia just like before.

  42. Intelliscreen! :-(

    So, on my phone that has had IS all along, everything seems to be working after the update and re-jailbreak.

    On my brother’s phone – a first time and new installation of intelliscreen breaks mail. Mail basically doesn’t launch if IS is on, but works fine if IS is off.

    Anyone else?

    • Install Backward Compatability and IS will work. I had the same issue, but then saw a post and now IS works. It has an extra flicker when opening mail from the lockscreen, but it does work.

  43. chrissrockks says

    why dont i have google street view, i updated to 2.2 yesterday through pwnage, everything is working fine but what about street view? i have a first generation iphone with tmobile,

    • You probably have it, it’s just not intuitive.

      First, not ALL areas have pictures taken. If you drop a pin and there is no orange guy on the left of the pin label, there is no streetview for that area. If there is an orange guy, then touch it and you will enter quickview. For some reason ( probably ) good, almost nobody I know finds that icon intuitive.

    • chrissrockks says

      thanks andres, it appears that not all addresses have street view, i looked up another address and everything works fine. love 2.2

  44. I have done the most stupidest thing ever! I had catagories with my apps in (including settings, cydia, installer.. basicly everything) I have just upgraded to 2.2 wihout thinking!!! I have no cydia/settings/weather/maps/installer…. How can I undo this :(? I tried restoring/reinstalling 2 times and its still the same!

    • Ok sorry I fixed it.. I paniced and clicked the wrong firmware after the 2nd restore I chose 1.1.4 by mistake and it said some error.. Then I realised I choosen the wrong fw :P..

  45. can anybody check “quickgold settings” is working in 2.2 ?

  46. i updated my iphone to 2.2 and used quickpwn to unlock and jailbreak but for some reason i don’t get cydia or installer

  47. i try to update but it says “iphone update server could not be contacted”, but itunes store works fine and so does my internet, any help? this is so annoying!!!

  48. :”( i did all for quickpwn 2.2. but its not rebooting… all it has is the apple sign when u first turn on your iphone then….nothing! HELP


    I have the 2g iphone with 2.2 firmware. I used the quickpwn tool for windows to unlock and jailbreak my phone. The jailbreak appeared to go smoothly…however, when I put in a t-mobile SIM it said “different SIM card. Connect to iTunes.” I even tried to put in my active Cingular SIM and got the same thing. When I put in an inactive SIM I got the USB cable on the screen with “emergency calls only.” The weird thing is: When I do put in a t-mobile sim I see the t-mobile bars and even though it says emergency calls only, I can make a call! I can’t see my apps though…just the USB cable with emergency calls only.

    PLEASE, PLEASE someone help!


  50. I have a 2G iphone and was running on the 2.0 firmware when I upgraded to the 2.2 last night …. everything worked fine, I expected my iphone to lock on me and I thought I would have to unlock/jailbreak it but it works fully functional. I was told to run the QuickPwn after the upgrade but I haven’t yet since it seems my iphone is in working order.

    However my cydia, Bootneuter and Installer icons have all disappeared, if I use the Quickpwn now, will Cydia return?