WinterBoard Themes

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard There are a couple new theme options available in Cydia. One really interesting new theme is called Styld (via iSpazio). It is actually a very unique theme and does a fair amount of modding. The only catch is that in order for the theme to look aesthetically pleasing, you may need to rearrange your icons. Which usually makes me confused because I have mine memorized so, I go to hit Photos and I end up in Mail or something like that. But, if you don’t mind rearranging…it is a pretty cool theme. If you are looking for a color scheme theme, you might want to check out My Orange Theme (via iSpazio). Screenshots below!


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  1. DJContagious says

    i’m currently using Styld, and i LOVE it

    i love how it displays the clock thats usually on the status bar on the dock

    awesome creativity!

  2. The Styld theme has so much potential but there are a few things that really, really bother me. First, what’s the deal with four icons being different than all the others? Can’t they all just be the same? Unless I put the four icons next to each other the theme looks horrible. Second, whose great idea was it to use the 24 hour format for the clock at the bottom? Is there an easy way to change this?

  3. Sorry if I was a bit harsh in my above post. If anyone else has the same concerns I do here is a link to the official release of the theme where people have provided changes like the 12 hour clock instead of 24

  4. Also another thing is that say you’re in safari or something and want to see the time, but wait , there is no time on the status bar or anywhere anymore, so you’d have to quit teh app and go back to the springboard to check the time, or else check you’re watch which who wears a watch anymore? Maybe if you could have the clock on teh bottom and still leave it on thestatus bar…

    also.. I have 9 pages of apps, and i noticed the icon labels are removed for all apps, maybe update it so you have a choice to use icon labels or not….

  5. Off topic..
    I got the iPhone 2.2 emoji working  just a few samples …’s AWESOME

  6. Brooke how did you get the Date Time Thing on your springboard? Also the 54 where the EDGE or 3G icon, what is that? Thanx!

  7. cdya