Warning – MobileMe Trial Subscription Ending

Many of you know that when MobileMe (me.com) was launched, you were able to sign up for a free trial to test out the new service. When you signed up for the trial subscription you were required to enter credit card information. Well, it seems that the MobileMe trial has come to an end. We received an email today, from Apple/MobileMe, stating that our credit card will be charged $95.00 on December 7th. So, as we warned you in our post about signing up for MobileMe’s trial subscription, you will need to go into your MobileMe account and cancel your subscription in order to avoid being charged the yearly fee. However, there is one catch that we were not expecting.

When you cancel your MobileMe subscription everything that you have on your MobileMe account is instantly deleted. That includes any mail, contacts, stored files…etc. Not cool! You can cancel your MobileMe subscriptions by logging into your account and selecting the Accounts tab at the top of the page. From there, you can cancel your account. You will have to let me know in the comments what you think of MobileMe and whether or not you decided to keep the service.

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  1. I decided to keep MobileMe only because I have two Macs & iPhone. I think it’s still the simplest way to keep these three devices synchonized without having to do anything. Not to mention the iDisk is pretty useful since I’m a student. If they integrated iDisk support into iPhone that would complete it.

    • App store developers have filled this gap, and rather well actually with mobile files. This app grants iDisk access on the iPhone and even allows you to download them to your phone for faster access. Sweet deal, cause it’s free.

  2. Keeping it. Love the push e-mail. I actually get my e-mail pushed to my phone 5 seconds before I see it in Outlook. Plus when I add any new contacts and calender events on my phone about 10 seconds later it’s on my Outlook. Definitely worth it….

  3. Totally useless for the price. For $90 I can pay for hosting service with 200GB of storage and setup my own email etc.

    • I totally agree with Josh. The only thing useful about MobileMe is if you have multiple machines and need to sync them all. I only have my MBP and iPhone so syncing them is not an issue.

      I pay CAD70/year for my domain name and more GB than I know what to do with. As for push mail, I don’t need instantaneous delivery of my emails so the iPhone email retrieval is good enough. Besides, all my email accounts are IMAP so emails on my MBP are synced with my iPhone.

  4. Keeping it. The amount of restores I have done over the last year as part of a jailbreak or for other reasons warrant mobile me’s instant contact, calender, and Safari sync ability. Mobile me has been a real time saver, and the push email is very nice.

  5. the only one MobileMe’s plus is that it is designed for iPhone. For that price I can get something else…

  6. I go back and forth on this all the time. Last night, my contacts disappeared from my iPhone–I had to wait 30 minutes, and turn the contacts on and off before they re-appeared. That’s the second time that’s happened. UGH. But…push e-mail is awesome, the integration of sync services is stellar and the #1 reason I have it, and it’s just all Apple, just like I like. I’m keeping it.

    One way to avoid losing your contacts and calendars is to actually do a backup to your desktop/laptop every few days. It’s saved me before when my calendars went bonkers. Just did a restore and all was good. If you’re not doing backups, you’re a fool.

  7. Cancelled it. Took full use of it during the trial, and found it to be buggy. I’d delete an event in my calendar on the laptop, and the change would never show up on my phone. If I had any custom ringtones assigned to a contact, they would disappear anytime MobileMe synced, requiring me to reassign them. I can sync my laptop and desktop over a wireless home network with a few clicks, and I only sync my iPhone with my laptop. I’d gladly pay for the service if it wasn’t so buggy, but for now… it’s not worth it!

  8. dumped it. doubtful that I’d sign back up.

  9. get it on ebay for 50$
    in my opinion its worth it, love the email push and sync over the air

  10. I’m on the fence. I love the push email and wireless syncing but is it really worth $104 a year?

  11. Should be free w/ad support.

  12. I went to the mac store where I live, and I told them that I purchased a new mac at a best buy, they gave it to me for the 69 intro deal. I think mobile me is a great tool, not just for the things that you are all saying, but for the photo features for iphoto and the gallery support that it features

  13. Even though I think it’s a tad pricey, I’ll be hanging onto MobileMe. I have two Macs (both with Windows running in virtual machines), multiple PCs, and two iPhones in our family. We use all of the included email addresses and sync at least two of those accounts over multiple devices. I realize that I could do much, if not all, of what MobileMe provides for free or close to it, but, as with most things Apple, the ease of setup, maintenance, and use all lead me to keep it.

  14. I stuck with it, but was not about to pay $100, so I bought a code from amazon for $55, much happier about it.

    • Oh My! I had no idea you could purchase a yearly subscription from other websites like Amazon and Ebay. I just saved like 45 dollars – I was going to have it auto-renew my account, which was going to ring me 104 or so.

      Thank you for the heads up! More money for X-mas gifts lol

  15. wish i could afford it, but if i could i would def keep it. Might get it later once my debts are settled, but 90 bucks? They ought to make some kind of free version either with ads or something.

  16. I’m keeping it.

    I have 4 computers and it’s great to keep them in sync. I also like the fact that I don’t really have to connect my phone to my machine anymore. ( except for the occasional backup )

    There are many workarounds to keep calendars and contacts in sync over the air, but I like to go through as little servers as possible and hate using google, so mobile me it is.

    Apple had so many issues with this service starting up, that I don’t blame anyone for not renewing, but it’s been working great lately and I’m willing to give them a chance.

  17. I have three Mac’s and an iPhone to keep in sync. The concept seemed nice but I was not happy with results. I had too many problems with email accounts getting duplicated on my phone. Three seperate times I had to delete all my email accounts from both machines and my phone (lucky for me they ALL used IMAP rather than POP) and then rebuild them all. I have several email accounts so this was a huge pain and time waster. I also just did not see the value in the service enough to pay $90 annually. Give it to me at $40 or maybe even $50 annually and I’ll give it another try once they get more bugs worked out. It was very nice keeping my calendar and contacts synced on all devices though

  18. i’ll be keeping it but i took the advice above and bought it thru ebay.

  19. Dumping it… Too pricey