SimCity Now Available in iTunes App Store!

Available In: App Store       Price: $9.99  

SimCity Last week, I wrote an article saying that SimCity was rumored to be released later this month well, wait no more! SimCity is now available in the iTunes App Store for $9.99. As of right now there are only 32 reviews of the application and it has a 4 start rating. It seems the majority of people are very happy with the game…a few are complaining of crashing issues. We will get a full review of this application out later…I’m going to let Doug do it! :)

Note: If you are one of the first few to purchase the app, let us know in the comments what you think of it so far!


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  1. Adam Reineke says

    Ooh, I really want this. Maybe I’ll pick it up.

  2. If you do, let us know what you think!! Doug will probably be all over this one!

  3. I bought this off the UK store and I’m loving it so far. The controls work surprisingly well to be honest, which was a worry for me. I’ll be putting more on the blog after I’ve had more time with it.

  4. DJContagious says

    i got it, kinda buggy and laggy for me

    still exploring the game though

  5. “I bought this off the UK store”

    Really? I looked for it a minute ago and it said it wasn’t available in the UK…

  6. Weird, I just got an error message. Read a few people saying they got the same ‘not available in the UK’ message with it too…

  7. ok this game is pretty cool
    reminds me of the 2000 edition. simple graphics with some detail.

    plays well (crashes at time but remember to restart your iPhone before playing. ) controls easy and well designed

  8. This app runs and loads the splash screen logo then crashes every time. Anyone else had this happen and now how to fix it?

    • this one works only in FW 2.2, or try to play it in safe mode

    • I have 2.2 FW and I did try to play it in safe mode. No luck. I changed all directory permissions to 755, then 777 etc… I tried rebooting several times and crossing my eyes while the app was launching. Nothing. Anything I am missing?

  9. Hey, my first game that got me hooked on computers, was sim city 2000 and theme park. then, i progressed to civilization II.

    Anyway, I have really liked the game so far, it has that sim city 2000 feel. the blocks are a little weird like you only have to be 4 tiles from residential to a road, and 3 blocks from commercial to road, or something like it. I like how it explains this to you in the tutorial.

    I have a problem, because I have played it for an hour or so, and I’m kinda at lost at what exactly I should put in the city. There are three bars in the top right hand part of the game R C I that are hard for me to understand right now. Also, I wanted to check out what the advisors had to say to give me some hints, but I found the transition hard because it loaded to a different screen everytime you pick an advisor, so I felt like I was wasting a lot of time there.

    I also tried to build a seaport near a river, but I guess it has to be on the coast. Bad move.

    I also found that it is pretty tedious to zone and add roads and everything. It’s much easier on a computer. I also found it really hard to zoom out. I tried to tap with both fingers like on the maps program, but it didn’t work for me. Zooming in was easy with a tap or pinch. I had to hide all the controls before pinching to zoom out.

    Anyway, except for a little tediousness and loading times, I really have enjoyed playing the game so far. It would be nice if you could take screenshots and somebody could post them to a website so you could get some ideas on how to structure your city.

  10. DJContagious says

    I can’t figure out how to take out a loan!!!

    • yeah, i’ve been playing for while and need to build a new power plant, but don’t have enough money and don’t know how to take out a loan!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

      P.S. the ipod touch 2 gen runs it very quickly AND i deliberately didn’t restart and it hasn’t crashed yet… people claim loading time sucks, on the 2 gen it loads n a snap. apparently the rumors of the lke 100 mhz increase in the processor really are true and it helps a lot!!

  11. me neither i cant figure out how to take out a loan

  12. This is insane. I can’t get past the splash logo. This is absolutely rediculous for a large devoloper like EA. Come on, build the patch already. figure out a way to compress the startup sequence so it doesn’t need all the memory the iphone has, because that’s what’s making the program crash.