Cydia Gets Fancy – New (Animated) Graphics

Cydia Well, it seems that I have missed a very cool new feature in Cydia. When you are on the Home option (on the lower menu bar) in Cydia, you get a menu with options such as Featured Packages, More Packages Source, F.A.Q…etc. If you select the Featured Packages option, you get a nice list of the featured applications (sponsored, free, commercial…etc). Everything seems normal but, wait until you select one of the apps…things get all crazy! :)

When you select one of the featured apps, keep your eye on the icon in the upper right corner. Yes, it was totally animated…switching from the icon that represents what category the app is in to the application’s actual icon. Not only is it cool that it is animated but, I love that you now get to see the app’s actual icon instead of the generic icon that represents what category the app is in! This is currently implemented in all the apps in the Featured Packages section as well as the sources in the More Package Sources section. Though, I heard through the grape vine that this is going to work it’s way into more areas of Cydia! Very cool! Cydia is like all fancy now! :)


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  1. Shouldn’t that read “keep your eye on the icon in the upper LEFT corner”?

  2. I’m not sure if this happened in the previous version, but if you double tap any page in Cydia, it zooms in to the spot you tapped.

  3. i need to download cydia.

  4. i’ve been trying to update my cydia for a while to see the new features, but for some reason it’s not updateing, I’ll take any suggestion.


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