iPhone 3G Unlock Software Update – yellowsn0w

Dev Team It seems that yellowsn0w has been updated to version 0.9.5 beta. The Dev Team says that the update should, “fix quite a few problems including some STK issues.” They also suggest that everyone update to the newest version of yellowsn0w. For more info – check out the Dev Team’s website. Let us know in the comments if the update fixes any of the problems you were having.

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  1. 16gb 3g on Tmobile Hawaii – Yellowsn0w 9.5 – After 5 minutes flawless victory :)

  2. Still dont work :S

    OneCall -> Norway
    iPhone 3G 16GB

  3. Dave Farber says

    tried 0.9.4 and still has problems maintaining a connection with ATT. It goes away then comes back then goes away. Also SLOW startup from speed before ATT signal shows.

    • y did u unlock if u just wanna be on att???????????????

    • Dave Farber says

      I Onviously I am going overseas and want to use a sim chip I will pick up there. Till then I wanted to see if the software worked at all. It has serious problems

  4. For me in switzerland with swisscom update 0.9.5 fixed the problems i had before, now everything is running perfect

  5. 9.5 worked perfectly on my new tmobile sim las vegas Nevada the only thing aching me is how slow edge is running… And sometimes edge seems to interfere with a wifi connection… Is this normal or something that can be fixed?

  6. It isn’t ready for Prime Time. I struggled with 9.5 today. In the beginning, it recognized a third party network. It was perfect. Then suddenly it just said “Invalid SIM” in the upper left. Then once again, I couldn’t place calls with my native SIM. Finally, after several restarts, it wouldn’t even recognize my native SIM. That was it. I restored the phone and did a new jailbreak. I’m through with Yellowsn0w until a stable release arrives, and a definitive tutorial is posted by the Dev Team. All of these people on the Dev Team blog with hundreds of approaches to making this work are no help at all. In the end, the unlock seems to fall apart for all of them. You read a self styled tutorial that works perfectly. Than hours later, the same guy reappears crying that something isn’t working, or his phone is messed up. This is really almost funny.

  7. honeyhunter says

    I have 16GB iPhone 2.2 unlock via 0.9.1 yellowsnOw from cydia and it works flawlessly from day 1 (1/1/08) on USA T-mobile. My wifii works, EDGE works, call in/out, sms in/out, reception (better than the piggyback sim i used to have). Don’t give up. It works. It took me 5 hrs in front of computer searching different ways to do it and found one that works unless you have a SIM card that is newer than 36xxx which won’t allow you to make outgoing calls. Good Luck everyone!!!

  8. remember this is still in beta so it won’t work perfectly just yet. Amazing work dev team!

  9. It works for some people, but not all people. I’ve been through the Dev Team Feedback Table and it looks to be about 50/50. Reading the comments on the Dev Team Blog is another thing. There you get the feeling that most people are struggling. The real problem in the US and Canada for a vast number of users is with native Rogers and AT&T SIM cards. Maybe Fido in Canada too. On my phone, once a successful unlock is achieved, I can’t make calls from the native SIM. Also, when the native SIM is in the phone, it keeps searching for a network. I’m best served without this app on the phone at this time. I don’t need an unlock. For me, it’s the luxury of not having to roam when I travel. I’m at the point of surrendering to the notion of just buying a cheap, unlocked phone for travel.

  10. I’m with Fido here in Canada, and so far it seems to be a no go. Once I have yellowsn0w installed, it makes my native sim really patchy and doesn’t seem to really work with Rogers sims aways. I’m just gonna hold off for a stable release, as I only really want it for travelling to Europe in the spring.

  11. Worked T-Mobile USA 2.2 +3G 16GB. Did it twice. 1st time took an hour to get running. 2nd time almost immediately. My advice, after QuickPwn, establish WiFi, load Cydia, let it reorganize and reboot phone. Then run Cydia, ignore any and all update suggestions. Only download yellowsn0w. Exit Cydia and reboot, Reset network settings .. this will reboot iPhone. Let it sit about 1-2 minutes after reboot …. then turn off 3G & turn on airplane, wait 1 min, turn off airplane. Should find network within 10 seconds. Worked for me this easy. My original problem was I wasn’t waiting long enough between steps and also wanted to extra precaution by installing SBSetting. Don’t do it!!. Keep it clean and virgin … let yellowsn0w do its job. You can always install later if necessary.

    • There are endless solutions on the Dev Team Blog. Lots of people have their own approaches to this. You didn’t have to ignore the Cydia update, but whatever works. What will be interesting is whether or not this unlock sticks for you. Will your phone be a perennial T-Mobile USA phone? That is what a real unlock does. That is what it assures. I don’t think this is a real unlock. Based on what I’m reading this unlock isn’t assured. It isn’t that it reverts, it’s that it suddenly starts seeing the SIM as “Invalid”. I’m glad it worked for you. Let us know if you still have a T-Mobile phone in two weeks.

  12. Here’s good news. 9.6 worked immediately with a third party SIM. It worked with the native SIM without a restart. No problem with outgoing calls with the native, Rogers SIM. No more airplane mode. No more Boss Prefs. It’s a straight forward unlock. So 9.6 is the version everybody has been waiting for.

    • honeyhunter says

      I had 9.1 was working flawlessly, now I upgraded to 9.6 and wasn’t really working well at first (low reception, kept searching, etc.) Now it works flawlessly after I took out the sim and inserted it back in while the phone was on. (no more terminal, no more airplane on/off)

      iPhone 3G 16GB 2.2 version 9.6 yellowsn0w T-mobile USA

  13. I did a successful Jailbreak and have yell0wsnow running. When I drop in my Sprint sim card I get “no service”. I have a 16GB 3G – is Sprint not gonna work? Any/all advice would be very much appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance all!

  14. Well, the snow turned quite yellow today with the use of release 0.9.6 downloaded from Cydia. I’ve followed the steps as described in the guide provided by the iPhoneclub (Dutch site) to the letter and unlocked my American iPhone in no time without any problems at all! So finally, no more misery and life shortening irritations with an x-sim which lost complete connection more than twice a week and now a full (Telfort) signal and 3G without having to become intimately close with the kitchen and/or bathroom window… More than excellent!!! Hail to the Dev-Team :-D

  15. Hello,

    Everything worked fine but couldn’t make calls. I enabled the option “show my caller ID” in the phone settings and then could make calls without problems.. hope this helps if you experience similar issues

  16. i have 0.9.8. and still having problems i cannot make outgoing calls

    tmobile usa
    8gb 3g