New Wallpaper Packs – Including Screenshots

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

MacCiti There are a few new Wallpaper packs available via Cydia. They include; TamsWalls v2, TamsWalls v3, TamWalls v4 and TamsWalls v5. I also included the Looney wallpaper pack which I forgot in my last Wallpaper post. All five of these packs are available via the MacCiti source. Remember, when you install wallpapers, they are added into your stock Settings application under the option Wallpaper. For those of you who are curious, wallpaper are located in the Library/Wallpaper folder on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Below are the screenshots.


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  1. thoses firts few are really cool

  2. It seems a lot of themes that are already on some repositories, are being posted by macciti.

    In my opinion it creates confusion, let’s not say spam.

  3. Errm, what the maciti source url?

  4. I don’t see the macciti source on your sources page. Is this it?

    • It is actually a source available for installation via Cydia. When you open Cydia, select the Home option then More Package Sources. From here find MacCiti and install it.

  5. Searched Cydia for Tamswalls V5, Tamwals V5. tamwalls V5
    BUT dont find anything with Tam…..

  6. Fuckface Teddybear says

    Lol the one with the boat reeaaally made me wanna watch pirates of the Caribbean. A lot of those are awesome btw I really like the money one. :D!!!!!!!!


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