WinterBoard Themes – Themes, Key Highlight Mods and a Wallpaper Pack

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard I’m still catching up on all the themes/mods that have been released lately. But, I got through another section of them and below are a few I thought I would mention. There are 4 themes, 3 key highlight mods and one wallpaper pack. The four themes include; Pump (via, CLoud9 (via BigBoss), Abeo Alistair (via MacCiti) and Flat (via MacCiti). The key highlight mods will change the color of the keys on the keyboard when you select them. The three shown in the screenshots below include; Purple and Pink Highlight Keys, Camo Highlight Keys and Red and Black Highlight Keys…all of which are available through the source. I actually really like key highlight mods…it is so weird to see a different color when you type! The wallpaper pack, MoMa Pack 1 (via MacCiti) contains eight unique wallpapers. See all the screenshots below.

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  1. DJContagious says

    i LOVE that last wallpaper!

  2. Brook, How are you doing, have you checked out that new one Five Column Springboard, it came out today. Do a review I would like see and hear what you thing. Thanks!

    • is it in cydia? what source? i’ve been waiting for this one!

    • I don’t know the source I pretty much have all the sources available for cydia. It showed up in the changes section of cydia. It’s there check it out, but make sure you have all the sources.

  3. thaaaanks man very rox your post =D

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