SpinBoard Preview – Rotating SpringBoard Icons

SettingsHere’s a preview of a new hack coming to the iPhone. It allows your icons to rotate when you rotate your iPhone based on your accelerometer. The features are limited and it’s in the very beginning stages. We’ll keep you informed as soon as it’s released! Here’s a video preview (sorry for the poor quality, this was streamed from my iPhone):

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  1. The supposed developer of this never posted info or a release date, just a beta version. Hes probably just forgot all about it!!!!!!!!!

  2. The beta is up on the xsellize repo again, super neat. I cant wait until it gets the dock icons going too.

  3. reiger1000 says

    Does this work on firmware 3.0? and is it allready out of beta testing?
    and,, is it possible to let the icons rotate in 3D? so when you tilt it just a little bit backwards the icons wil rotate a little bit backwards too?

    hope so, that would be awesome!

  4. cyberneil says

    anyone heard new news?? looking like it might be cool?

  5. add cydia.iphoneil.net to sources in Cydia. Version 1.0 is there! No idea if it will work on 3.0 though, so I’m sitting here with my finger over the install button wondering……..

  6. Just installed it on my iPhone 2G firmware 3.0 and it does not work.

    • lala leela says

      It worked on my 2G on 3.0; I think you just have to shake it as if it were the iPod’s shake to shuffle.

    • Justin Clifford says

      Works on my 2G 3.0. You do have to shake it first

  7. Doesn’t seem to work so great on my iphone 3G s. Icons just turn backwards and then freeze, causing me to respring to get them back to normal.

  8. it works but then it doesnt work sometimes on my iphone 3gs
    any new updates yet???

  9. any new updates yet??? When comes the final?

  10. This will be amazing when it finally releases. I use my phone mounted landscape in my car and it’s a PITA to switch apps bc the springboard is portrait only.

  11. I hope it will be work soon it’s really amazing.
    Someone get source code of beta or old release, I would like see it and maybe work on it befor the final.
    Good Job Douglas .

  12. Yeah I’d pay for a landscape springboard tweak!!