Blue-Island – Lock Screen Mod

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard blueislandtheme3 I am continuously on the lookout for a good lock screen theme. I was doing some modding last night and I ran across this theme…Blue-Island via the source (this source can be installed via Cydia in the More Package Sources section…check out THIS post for more info).

Blue-Island is a theme that has a very nice lock screen. It is a simple lock screen that displays the time and any missed events (calls, texts, new mail…etc). A quick note before I get started…this is theme is via a French repo so, the theme itself will not work for you unless you are French however, the lock screen works even if you are not French.

In order for the lock screen to display your missed events, you will also need to have some sort of status bar notifier application installed (StatusNotifier, IntelliScreen…etc). Once you install the Blue-Island theme, you can activate it via WinterBoard. If you would like to use just the lockscreen part of the theme, you will need to move it below your current theme in WinterBoard (see screenshot below).

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite lock screen theme…I’m still looking for the perfect lock screen.


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  1. borgqueenx says

    im also searching for a beautiful lockscreen. i dont like the bar below in this theme. and its a little cold.

  2. It’s nice, but I want english version.
    BTW: where can I change the city for the background’s weather?

  3. Lock screen does not work with the live weather theme

  4. I can’t find this in Cydia. I’ve added the source.

  5. Brooke,
    I didn’t care much for the theme so I made a folder on my desktop labled Blue Island Lockscreen and used SSH to take out the lockscreen sections. I then uninstalled the Blue Island theme via Cydia and used SSH to put my lockscreen folder in the themes section. I now have the lockscreen only and it works perfectly. Just an idea….


  6. Thanks for the good information that it works with my Smoog theme in the homescreen looks even better than the orginal Blue Island Homescreen .I like this lockscreen very cool for me

  7. I seee one mistake the slider doesnt change

  8. chrissrockks says

    i just want the lockscreeen, i dont really like the theme and i already set this theme all the way down the list on winterboard, but its still coming out at as a theme since i dont have any themes installed . i just have the default one but i want this lockscreen, what do i do?/:

  9. To set it as you lock screen, log into ipod/iphone via SSH and then go to var/stash.themes******/Blue Island and delete all but bundles, and the file LockBackground.png.

    I am new to this, but it worked for me and hope it helps you all

  10. chrissrockks says

    i dont know how to ssh/:

  11. Does anyone know how to make it so that their isnt just a black bar when you plug it in to charge? I love this lock screen, however, when I plug it in to charge, it has the blue dot and nothing else in the background so it looks a bit odd

  12. Hi!

    How get I the counter on the changes in Cydia?


  13. hey I relly luv dis lockscreen bt it doesn’t appear fr me in d changes section..wich source do I add..can sum1 pls teme??


  14. I have noticed the problem of a blank bar when on charge, I will try and get this to change and have the blue dock there always and I will email Brooke with it and mabey she can post it here


  15. how do I change theme to display my local weather?

  16. 啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊

  17. how did you get the three buttons on the lockscreen with sms and such?

  18. Hi, i was trying to add this theme and everything works except the lockscreeen background… the time and date is there and the lock switch is there but not the wallpaper, its just blank/black… how do i get this to work???

  19. I could not add the source…. I typed the following as shown:

    It didn’t add… so i don’t know what to do.

    Help please


  1. […] week, I wrote about a theme called Blue-Island. The theme itself did not work unless you had a French iPhone or iPod […]

  2. […] week, I wrote about a theme called Blue-Island. The theme itself did not work unless you had a French iPhone or iPod […]