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ReaddledocsInterestingly, after writing a review about iDownload, and reading and responding to a reader’s comment, I began to consider what it would be like to tap into the possibility of using the iPhone as a mobile storage utility. First, I explored Air Sharing, since I downloaded it for free a few months ago, but never actually setup the program. I was impressed with its ease of use, but was disappointed that only WiFi access was available. Upon reading that Readdledocs supported 3G or EDGE connections as well, I became further intrigued.

Similar to Air Sharing, upon opening Readdledocs, you can view your files and file folders available on your iPhone. When you open a file, the document appears on screen, and the application supports many file formats including the common MS Office file types and PDF files. There is an extensive PDF manual that comes with the program that effectively explains all of the features that come with this program. There are a lot of bells and whistles included (reading ebooks, iDisk access, and exchanging files with other users), but I will stick to the ones that mattered to me the most. In addition to the iPhone’s storage, your purchase of Readdledocs comes with a 512 MB of online storage where you can keep more files of your choosing. A web browser is also included for you to download documents directly into Readdledocs. For an extensive list of features, check out their website.

You’ve got files.
Since I had experience setting up the iPhone as a network drive with Air Sharing, the initial setup with Readdledocs was fairly straightforward. Within minutes, I had access to my iPhone’s storage capacity through my home computer. File transfer was very easy and relatively quick as well. Viewing documents on the iPhone was speedy, though I noticed a bit of lag with larger files and some of my Excel spreadsheet files. As I mentioned above, Readdledocs advertises file access via 3G and EDGE connections. This is true, though the access is to your online storage files, not to your iPhone’s files. To the developer’s defense, Apple probably has something to do with restricting access to WiFi only. Readdledocs gives you 512 MB of online storage with the iPhone application, as well as an option to purchase additional amounts of storage space. Thus, you can store files on your iPhone for WiFi access, or online for both WiFi and 3G/EDGE access.

Close, but I think I still need a flash drive.
If I had steady WiFi access at my workplace, I think that I would eliminate my flash drive and use my iPhone along with Readdledocs as my go-to option for storing documents. Since I don’t, I would need to upload most of my important documents online so I could then access them anywhere including on my iPhone. With only 512 MB of free space, and the potential to lose these documents (what happens if the company goes under or if the server is unavailable?), Readdledocs does not provide the complete solution to the file storage dilemma for me. Furthermore, there is no editing features, emailing files was a bit sluggish, and large files tend to frustrate the app a little bit.

Overall, Readdledocs excels in several areas. It’s user interface is intuitive, clean, and comprehensive. The included manual also helps you with setup and provides details on all of the included features. With this neat program, you can easily store files on your iPhone (downloaded or transferred from your computer), email them (in theory – I had some challenges with this), and view nearly all types of documents. Complaints in iTunes reviews have mostly been about the application’s price, and I agree that it’s a bit steep at $9.99. Air Sharing retails for $4.99 now, but I do prefer Readdledocs, and would be comfortable recommending it at the higher price point. The key is whether you will have WiFi access wherever you plan on using the app or if 512mb of free storage is enough for you. If so, then this app is worth the investment.

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  1. i have been using Air Sharing (free) together with MobileFiles to (a) use the iPhone as a wireless storage devices for reading documents on the road, and (b) access files stored on my iDisk. the problem is they’re two separate programs and iDisk files are download only without upload and managing functionality.

    i did some researching and found iStorage (US$5.99) which seemed perfect for me because:
    a.) it does WiFi storage just simple and intuitive like Air Sharing.
    b.) it can download and view files from my iDisk.
    c.) on device file management is possible, i.e. i can rename and move files around and create folders to sort them into.
    d.) it can upload and manage files on iDisk as well.
    e.) it can download, upload and manage files on FTP/WebDAV (including servers.

    now all i need is the promised SFTP server access so i can access files on my home computer wherever and whenever i am. but even without it, i’m a happy camper already. maybe you can give it a try as well?

  2. iPhone_user says

    1. “the potential to lose these documents (what happens if the company goes under or if the server is unavailable?),”
    I believe that you store files at picasaweb, flicker or may be
    MobileMe storage. Don’t you worry that their servers can be unavailable? I think that the problem of “the insecurity of storing file on the Internet” is a common problem.

    2. however if you prefer to save files at MobileMe storage (or other popural/save online storages) you can access your files from ReaddleDocs app as I know. I never use this feature
    but my friend advised me this app as he frequently uses it.

  3. I use ReaddleDocs and iDisk storage. I like this app, it is simple and really has intuitive interface. 10x for the review.

    P.S. There is an opportunity to copy files from Mac/PC to right to iPhone using ReaddleDocs and USB cable (!!!!) I love this feature. Still guys don’t feature this option at their web site.

  4. i wish readdledocs, quickdocs, or docs to go would support dropbox as the mobile file location! that or let you access your local file system on your iphone (jailbreak required of course) to access those docs.

  5. Flicker is really great when sharing photos over friends and families. I love the resize feature of Flickr.~.-