ReaddleDocs 1.6 – Adds PDF Viewer

Available In: App Store       Price: $6.99  

##ICON_NAME## ReaddleDocs, a “complete document and file management solution for your iPhone and iPod touch,” has been updated to version 1.6. Version 1.6 adds a PDF viewer to the app. The PDF viewer allows for full text document search as well as the ability to view password protected documents, navigate through embedded PDF bookmarks and open large PDF files. Check out David’s full review of ReaddleDocs HERE.

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ReaddleDocs Update – Supports iWork’09 Files, Upload Files to Online File Storage, Compatible with 3.0 Firmware

Available In: App Store       Price: $4.99  

ReaddleDocs We wrote a post about a month ago saying that ReaddleDocs was having a half price sale and that they had submitted an update to Apple. Well, it seems the update has finally went through…version 1.5 of ReaddleDocs is now available in the App Store. The update supports iWork’09 files, allows the ability to upload files to WebDAV enabled online file storage systems like MobileMe iDisk and is compatibility with iPhone OS 3.0 firmware. Below is the full press release. Check out David’s full review of ReaddleDocs HERE. [Read more…]

ReaddleDocs Half Price Sale – Document and File Management Solution

Available In: App Store       Price: $4.99  

ReaddleDocs ReaddleDocs, a document and file management solutions, is on sale for half price ($4.99) until Sunday, May 17th. David did a review of ReaddleDocs about a month ago (check it out HERE) and was comfortable recommending it at the $9.99 price range so, you will definitely want to check it out now that it is $4.99. The developer has also said that they have submitted an update to Apple that contains “significant improvements and new features.” So, get it now while it is half price and reap the benefits of the update when it comes out!


Readdledocs – Document and File Management Solution

Available In: App Store       Price: $9.99  

ReaddledocsInterestingly, after writing a review about iDownload, and reading and responding to a reader’s comment, I began to consider what it would be like to tap into the possibility of using the iPhone as a mobile storage utility. First, I explored Air Sharing, since I downloaded it for free a few months ago, but never actually setup the program. I was impressed with its ease of use, but was disappointed that only WiFi access was available. Upon reading that Readdledocs supported 3G or EDGE connections as well, I became further intrigued.

Similar to Air Sharing, upon opening Readdledocs, you can view your files and file folders available on your iPhone. When you open a file, the document appears on screen, and the application supports many file formats including the common MS Office file types and PDF files. There is an extensive PDF manual that comes with the program that effectively explains all of the features that come with this program. There are a lot of bells and whistles included (reading ebooks, iDisk access, and exchanging files with other users), but I will stick to the ones that mattered to me the most. In addition to the iPhone’s storage, your purchase of Readdledocs comes with a 512 MB of online storage where you can keep more files of your choosing. A web browser is also included for you to download documents directly into Readdledocs. For an extensive list of features, check out their website. [Read more…]