New Poll – Do you think it should be illegal to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch?

AiS Time for a new poll. The last poll was – Were you disappointed by the lack of iPhone and iPod Touch news during the Macworld 2009 Keynote? Below are the results.

* Yes – Where is the iPhone Nano!! (41.0%, 628 Votes)
* No – I expected it all along. (22.0%, 330 Votes)
* What’s Macworld? (10.0%, 147 Votes)
* I miss Steve Jobs! (27.0%, 416 Votes)
Total Voters: 1,521

You can still vote on this Poll in our Poll Archive page. You can also vote/view all the past polls on the Poll Archive page as well. Below is the new poll.

Of course, we personally think it should be legal to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch based on the fact that they are computers running a modified version of OS X. You are able to install third party apps (non Apple approved) on your computer so, why not your iPhone. We would love to hear your opinion about this in the comments! :)

Do you think it should be illegal to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch?

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  1. Derfinately a NO from me :D

  2. With things going the way its going, it should be completely legal. I mean, how are we gonna innovative unless we lift the restrictions? There should be more people on-board to unlock the potential of the iPhone. Are we not a bit curious to what all we can do with the iPhone? Look at all the applications that have been created already. Personally, I think jailbreaking should be as open as possible. But maybe later that name, jailbreak, should be changed to something else. Perhaps “IN-DEV”? As in IN-DEV (Innovative-Deviation)your iPhone. At least that’s what I think it should be changed to. That way it doesn’t sound like you are doing something bad. What do you guys think?

  3. WHY DID THEY VOTE FOR NO??????????????? WHAT IS GOING ON?????????????????????

  4. Capital N-O

  5. Who in the world would ever vote for Yes???

  6. LOL, illegal? As in “you’re going to jail?” Once you buy something, you can do whatever you want with it.

    • Amen its my phone and i can do whatever i want to do with it so defenetly no it shouldnt be ilegal

    • I actually don’t think that apple has a legal leg to stand on. There is no way a court would uphold this decision.

      Especially with the 3G system of making people sign two year contracts before getting the phone (or paying a huge sum for an unlocked phone). You buy it. it is yours.

      What they could say is that they won’t SUPPORT jailbroken phones. That would be hard to argue with.

  7. This shouldn’t even be discussed I bought my iphone it is now mine and i’m free to do what I wan with it 8f I wanna burn it throw itout a window stick a knife through it mod it anything it’s mine just like my tv is mine my car is mine my house is mine I will do what I please with it.

  8. I think Apple’s position on “jailbreaking” is a little absurd. I own my iPhone and will do with it what I want. Perhaps Steve Jobs thinking is clouded due to his health issues? I can’t imagine Bill Gates trying to tell me I can’t modify my PC because I am using Windows software! Give it a rest Apple. Being a Bully doesn’t suit you well……

  9. Sorry, I like this site, but this is a very dumb poll. This is a website about jailbreaking the iPhone, who is going to honestly say they want it to be illegal? The results won’t be legit at all. What is the point of this poll?

    • its proving a point. a lot of people use jailbreaking and almost nobody thinks it should be illegal. i would even go as far as to say that nobody seriously thinks it should be illegal except apple..

      apple should work with its customers – not against them

  10. I thought it said Legal not illegal!! LOL

  11. Michael Seltzer says

    This illegal jailbreaking thing from apple is totally dumb. I mean I own my iphone I can do whatever I want to it. How is this any different that if you own a printer and you refill the toner with a generic brand rather than from the company. It isn’t. If I own something I can do whatever I want to it right? Apple can control what I do with my computer. Definite No!

  12. Guys guys,
    I would go with Apple to say yes it is illegal to jailbreak an iPhone. It all sounds too bullish when you say Apple shouldn’t keep innovators from innovating, but honestly with AppStore now in place and doing as well as it is, U developers have a steady place to gain from it rather be bickering about Apple bring a bully… How would you feel if you were to make a device such as the iPhone and some jack arse created a virus for it and released, millions of users would be affected, of course this is a hypohetical situation but yet possible, Apple would always want to safe on those terms… After all it could also prove to be a publicity stunt for all we know… The more you keep it closed the more people talk about it… Whatever be the motive it is working well in Apples favour, thanks to fellas like you, I’m not jailbreaking my iphone cause I know the world of business and know Apple and Steve know what they’re doing…

  13. Didn’t the idea of the App store come from installer….?

    Logo is almost the same… :S

  14. It should not be illegal. It’s like the auto makers saying “ok you want to change your wheels to a different style, but these are the only wheels we approved. So anything else will be illegal and you’ll go to jail if we catch you with anything but are approved wheels”.

  15. No if ands or buts about it …most deff should be legal

  16. Okay I agree that jailbreak should be legal. As for the sim unlocking I feel that Apple may be right to change that.

  17. Why is jailbreak illegaL!?!?! NO of course! Well i asked one of my friends this questions and he answered… Yes! So i asked why… And he said me because the jailbreak is used for cracked apps… So you can see how people think :(

  18. Absolutely NO…thats like being told you cant customise your car once youve bought it…

  19. Order, order in the court!! I definitely think it should be legal to JB your iphone, releasing it’s full potential is a positive learning curve for dev., users, artists etc. I think apple is complaining coz they won’t have control over everything. I also think coz of it’s great new technology we as users are somewhat like guinea pigs coz we are testing these apps and helping developers improve performance. I rest my case jailbreak YES!

  20. some people are actually saying yes!! wow.
    I can’t see why it should be illegal – i guess apple may be going down on cracked apps – they could try to buddy up with jailbreakers to stop it but continue jailbreaking? just an idea.