5-Row QWERTY Keyboard

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SettingsIf you hate tapping the button to switch your keyboard between numbers and letters, 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard is for you! It simply creates another keyboard layout that you can enable from your Settings app that has a fifth row of keys at the top. There’s also some other nice features like arrow keys but I’m not sure I’m gonna keep it. I’m so used to tapping the button to switch to numbers & punctuation that I won’t use it. It’s a pretty sweet idea though! Here’s the steps to get it and what it looks like:

1. Search Cydia for 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard and Install
2. Open your Settings application
3. Tap General > Keyboard > International Keyboards
4. Toggle 5 Row QWERTY to ON (should already be set to on during install)
5. When keyboard is present, tap the globe to change keyboards, you should see the following keyboard option:

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  1. Frank the Tank says

    is there an qwertz Version???
    Because i´m from Germany

    • Yes, after you install it you can go to setting then scroll down to iKeyEx, then hit 5-row QWERTY, then hit Layout and choose QWERTZ

  2. Argh, things like this make me think about jailbreaking my iPhone again !

  3. Since this mod changes the position of the letters slightly, I removed it. It still left something behind, because when I tap on the globe to switch to my clipboard, it says 5-Row QWERTY on the space bar, but nothing changes. After uninstall, respring and reboot didn’t help, so I’m stuck with this annoyance for now.

    • mattyb123 says

      You may not have 5 Row QWERTY turned off in General > Keyboard > International Keyboards.

  4. yes this is what iam search. is perfekt for mafia live to give family codes :)

  5. mattyb123 says

    I have it installed but I never use it. I think I am just used to the normal iPhone one :)

  6. I like this. I’ve had it for awhile now and it’s a real keyboard. The arrow keys are a bonus, but numbers on the keyboard are really handy, once you adjust, and I adjusted fast.

  7. KonTheDon says

    its a pain to get to the question mark (?) which i use frequently…

  8. Benjamin says

    I have this installed, but only switch if I need to do addresses or phone numbers as the regular letter spacing is off a bit to fit it all in. The “A” key kills me and slows me down awefully, so I may end up removing it completely as it also means one more press to get to Emoji… sometime my GF and I communicate entirely in Emoji – we’re weird :]

  9. Saifee Akil says

    this is nice and quite useful actually. i always hated jumping between different layouts just to type numbers or use a symbol or punctuation. now its more accessible and easier to use. the only thing which i dont like is its getting a little used to typing now with the keys places so closely.

  10. I have installed this a couple of times but I do not see an option to turn on the 5-row qwerty keyboard. I currently have 2 keyboards active the English and Japanese (for the emojicons)

  11. I have installed this, and I like the idea of this, but I use 2 languages and 2 keyboards the whole time – Spanish and English – Is there a Spanish 5 row qwerty version b/c it makes no sense (for me) to have the 5 row only for English. For that, it would be better (for me) to go back to the regular keyboard – otherwise it would get confusing…

  12. What source is this available from in Cydia? I have searched for it since you first wrote about it but I can not find it. I am thinking I may not have its source. Thank you…

  13. I dOn’t know how to change the colour of mine it’s constantly green even when I put it on blue just the bottom changes

  14. What theme are you using for the keyboard?

  15. I installed & activated it but my keyboard does not have a globe. whats up with that? how do I get this to work

  16. Hi,
    I just install this app on my 3G iphone, but it doesn’t work all all.
    i already activate @ general setting 5-row toggle on.
    Pls help