Bloard – Nice Light Black Keyboard

This is a simple mod but I love it. I love a dark keyboard especially on a black iPhone. This mod requires iOS 7 and is free in Cydia.

Developer’s Description

Requires iOS 7+

Tired of white keyboards in iOS 7? Install Bloard! Bloard will turn your white keyboard into a nice, light black keyboard that’s easier on the eyes. You can turn it off anytime from the stock Settings app. No other settings to configure. Works on every app with a keyboard. [Read more…]

2 Bluetooth Tactile Keyboard Cases for Your iPhone

I love the keyboard on the iPhone but if you would rather have a “real” keyboard here are a couple options for you. Both cases connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth. This means they will run on their own battery. The battery life for these keyboards should last over a month of normal use. Both keyboards also stay physically connected to your iPhone; one flips out, the other slides out. I’ll show you the one I like first, called the Keyboard Buddy Case. [Read more…]

5-Row QWERTY Keyboard

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SettingsIf you hate tapping the button to switch your keyboard between numbers and letters, 5-Row QWERTY Keyboard is for you! It simply creates another keyboard layout that you can enable from your Settings app that has a fifth row of keys at the top. There’s also some other nice features like arrow keys but I’m not sure I’m gonna keep it. I’m so used to tapping the button to switch to numbers & punctuation that I won’t use it. It’s a pretty sweet idea though! Here’s the steps to get it and what it looks like: [Read more…]