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BobbleBuddyAdmittedly, I went through a bobblehead phase. First, there was the classic Dwight Schrute office bobblehead that my wife gave to me as a gift. Then, there were those bobblehead giveaways at Cubs games (I still remember the Michael Barrett bobblehead that fans received after he was traded away). Now, it seems that the bobblehead craze has finally hit the iPhone. A quick App Store search reveals dozens of different bobblehead apps, including a multitude of basketball players being promoted through the NBA’s mini-bobble apps. Can BobbleBuddy distinguish itself from the rest?

The application is very simple to operate, and within minutes, you’ll have a nice bobblehead of yourself ready to be proudly displayed. The first step is to create your own bobblehead (assuming you don’t want to just watch the ones that come preinstalled with the application). Naturally, a bobble’s head is the key feature, so you are given options to choose a preexisting head, crop/rotate a photo from your library, or use the camera to take a new picture. Wardrobe comes next as you get to accessorize your bobblehead with a body, hair, and a hat as you so desire. Choosing a background comes next, and again, you can choose from preexisting ones, photos, and a new camera image. Once you save your bobblehead, you can then share it via email or just save it to your camera roll.

Bobble, Bobble.
I was impressed with how easy it was to get a bobblehead designed, saved, and shared. Options are nearly limitless since you get to use your own images for both the heads and backgrounds. The app was stable, and version 2.0 has already been released, so it seems that the developers are committed to improving the program. The interface is very colorful, intuitive, and simple to use. BobbleBuddy makes it fun and very easy to create numerous bobbleheads of your family and friends in a matter of no time.

What happens when the bobble stops?
Although you are able to use your own images for the heads and backgrounds, the other items (hair, bodies, and hats) are limited to what’s included. There is no sound for the application, not that having sound would necessarily make it better. I would like to see an option to have multiple bobbleheads on one screen. My wife likes to make those Mii characters on our Wii at home (I’m sure she’s not the only one), and I could see her getting into this app if there was some way of interacting with the bobbleheads. Lastly, though I doubt this could happen, it’d be cool to see the bobblehead functional on one’s lock screen. That would definitely make this app a potential top seller.

Just as I got bored with my bobblehead stage in real life, my attention span for the iPhone equivalent was similarly short lived. The novelty of making bobbleheads for me was just that, and I don’t really see much use for saved creations other than to show them to a friend every now and then. As noted in the introduction, there are several different apps currently available that allow you to create bobbleheads on your iPhone, including many that are free. At $1.99, BobbleBuddy is priced at a premium, and although it is a solidly developed and updated app, I’m not quite sure if it’s justifiably worth the price.

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  1. liam geraghty says

    how do i get started , is there a program out there that i can get if someone sends me a photo of themself so i can do a bobble head . thanks liam geraghty


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