Dismiss Away Items – Dismiss Alert Pop-ups

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Dismiss Away Items Dismiss Away Items is a mod that allows you to dismiss alerts by tapping the Home Button. Once installed, you are able to dismiss the pop-ups for missed SMS alerts, missed call alerts, missed voicemail alerts…etc…just by tapping your Home Button. In the app description it says that this works on the lockscreen (which it does) however, it also works if you are on your SpringBoard or in an application. The nice thing about this mod is that it still displays a missed alert badge even though you have dismissed the pop-up (ex. still leaves a badge number on your SMS icon or Phone icon).

If you are not currently using an application, like IntelliScreen, to block your alert pop-ups this might be a mod for you. I personally do not use an alert blocker (unlike Doug who uses IntelliScreen) so, this mod works great for me…I can read the alert and then dismiss it without having to go off my lockscreen.

The only thing that worries me about this mod is that it might interfere with other Home Button applications. I currently do not have any others installed but, let us know in the comments if you have an issue with it interfering with any of your other Home Button mods or apps.

Dismiss Away Items is available through the david.ashman.com source.

Note: This mod is not activated/deactived via WinterBoard. Once installed, it automatically starts working. You have to uninstall the app to remove it.



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  1. I can not get this app or source not shown in Cydia??

  2. I did try to add it manually and get an incorrect url

  3. Stimpy5050 says

    Honestly, if it’s working to dismiss alerts when your phone is unlocked, that’s not intentional. Based on the API I’m using, it should only affect the lockscreen.

    I have to wonder if the home button click works for popups while the phone is unlocked even without my extension. ;-)

  4. holy crap, 29 updates in Cydia? lol

  5. motionmind says

    I can’t add the source…I know Cydia is version-aware…maybe because I’m running 2.2.1?

  6. mattyb123 says

    Does it not effect the tap the home button on the springboard to take you to page 1?

    • Nope…it dismisses the alert but leaves you on the SpringBoard page you are on. You can then tap your Home Button again to go to the first page.

  7. FYI: I have QuickGold and Backgrounder installed (both of which use the home button) and I also installed this without any problems.

    • I have both of these programs too and tapping the home button does nothing for me..my sms pop-ups don’t go away when i hit home on a locked screen.

      Very odd.

  8. Piotr.pot says

    Will be nice to see app witch hide pop ups automatically, without pressing home. Now to hide it we have to buy Intelliscreen or use passcode (works only on SB not LS).

  9. Stimpy5050 says

    So the original Dismiss Away Items extension also dismissed alerts when your phone is unlocked (not the original intention). To keep with my intentions, I fixed that in Dismiss Away Items.

    What I did, though, is also release Quick Dismiss, which does the same thing when the phone is locked AND adds in the dismiss feature when the phone is unlocked.

    Take your pick. ;-) Once I get the chance to create preference screens for this extension, I’ll deprecate Dismiss Away Items in favor of Quick Dismiss with a setting to turn it off on either the lock screen or springboard.