X’s and O’s Football

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X’s and O’s Football I don’t play video games much, but when I do, I often go straight to the sports simulation games. Madden Football, NBA Live, Earl Weaver Baseball (OK, I’m dating myself now…) Thus, I was excited to give X’s and O’s Football a test drive after seeing some decent reviews in the app store.

The game is quite simple with no real options other than the main game. You are in control of a 5-player team that consists of a quarterback, a lineman, and three wide receivers. You can choose from 8 plays that show your receivers’ routes and then touch the screen to pass to your receiver. Tilt the iPhone/Touch to move the receiver after the catch and score as many touchdowns as you can.

The gameplay is simple, so within seconds, I was slinging passes like Dan Marino. After starting out initially through several rounds with little scoring and getting called “waterboy”, I finally got the hang of passing (read the safety, lead your receiver) and then proceeded to rack up the points. The graphics are bright and colorful, the sound loud and cheery. As I secured sixth place, I’ll admit to having fun while playing, as it felt good to score touchdown after touchdown.

After scoring over 100 points, I’m not quite sure I’ll try to gun for first place. Although simple, the game play is very limited. There is no option to run, there is no defense, and once you identify the better passing routes, there’s not much strategy to speak of. I can’t say too much about the computer AI either other than it’s hard to run the same play over and over, though take a quick break from that deep slant route and return 2 plays later with no problem.

X’s and O’s Football is a nice novelty game app similar to LED Football, but with better graphics. It’s surely not going to be mistaken for a Madden type game for the iPhone, but its simplicity gives it some potential to win over younger gamers, and it will surely be a less expensive option to future sports games that are more detailed. For older gamers, I wouldn’t recommend it at the $1.99 price point, but it may be worth a look at $0.99. For comments, I’d be interested in hearing your suggestions for the most anticipated sports game for the iPhone, or what’s your favorite sports game app currently available?

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  1. Hey David. This is an App Store App that costs $1.99. Looks like someone cracked it and threw it on Cydia. http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=302928347&mt=8

    • Actually, I didn’t read all the way though, I just looked at the top of the article and saw Cydia and Free. Might want to change that.

    • Oops…that is actually my fault…I put that up there. Sorry about that David…I will change it.