Birthday Reminder – Receive Email Reminders For Upcoming Birthdays

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Birthday Reminder I have been looking for a good Birthday reminder application for a while now…before firmware 2.x I had a Birthday reminder application that I used titlediBirthday. However, the app was not updated for the 2.x firmware and I still haven’t found an app that I like. Well today, I received an email about Birthday Reminder. It not only lists all your upcoming Birthdays but, it also allows you to receive an email reminder about them.

When you open the app, you will see a list of all your contact’s Birthdays. For each contact in the list, it displays the person’s name, the month and day of their Birthday, how old they will be and how many months it is until their next Birthday. If you select one of the contacts on the list, not only are you are given a little more information about them but, you can also open the contact in AddressBook and edit contact information right in the Birthday Reminder Application! You can also call or email the them once you select the Open in AddressBook option as well.

In the settings for the application (the setting icon is in the upper left corner of the app), you can enter all your email reminder information including; the email address in which you would like the reminder sent to, how many days before an upcoming Birthday that you would like to received the reminder, what time you would like to received the email and then ability to turn/off the email reminder and sound.

You are also able to quickly search through your Birthday list by using the search icon in the upper right corner of the application.

The only issue I had with the application is that the first time I entered my email address, every time I selected the refresh icon in the upper right corner…the app crashed…even after I synced my iPhone. I’m not really sure why and I’m not exactly sure what that icon was supposed to do. The only suggestion I have for this application is the ability to change the theme of the app. The stock design is not terrible but, I would love to see some customizability!

Overall, this application does what it is supposed to do.

Birthday Reminder


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