iBirthdays – Keep Track of Your Contacts’ Birthdays

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free & $6.99  

iBirthday iBirthdays is an application that allows you to nicely keep track of upcoming Birthdays. I have reviewed a few Birthday applications available since the 2.x firmware (QuickBirthday and Birthday Reminder). Like most Birthday applications, the Birthdays are pulled from your Contact List. So, in order for this app to work, you have to have Birthdays assigned to your Contacts (see info below on how to do so).

When you open iBirthdays (which should not be confused for iBirthday), you get a list of your upcoming Birthdays. The list displays the contact’s Photo, Name, Birthday Date, how old they are going to be and how many months/days until their Birthday. There is also a lower menu bar in which you can view the list by All by Date (this displays the Birthdays for all your contacts starting in January and going to December), All by Name (this displays the Birthdays for all your contacts in alphabetical order by the contact’s name) and Setting.

The Setting option allows you to turn on a badge notification for upcoming Birthdays and the option to hide ages. You are also able to tap on a Contact and get their contact info where you can then call, email or text them. However, the features mentioned above (Settings and Contact Info) are only available with the full version of the application which costs $6.99 USD. I can’t tell you how well or even if these features work because…I didn’t buy it!

The application seems to work as it should (at least the parts I was able to test) and has a nice design. One feature that I would personally like to see is the ability to turn off the Contact’s Zodiac sign and symbol…I’m not big into Zodiacs. Also, I think the app is priced too high…I would see them making more money and selling more copies of the app if it was closer to the $1.99 or $2.99 mark. Let me know what you think in the comments.

You can get iBirthdays via the BigBoss source.

Instructions on How to Add Birthdays to Contacts:

To add a Birthday to a contact….go to your stock Phone application, select Contacts, choose one of your contacts, tap Edit in the upper right corner, scroll down and tap on Add Field, scroll down and tap Birthday, enter the date of the person’s Birthday and tap Save in the upper right corner.


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  1. I don’t see any use for this, even if it was free.

    Get “lock screen calendar” and/or app that syncs with google calendar and have google remind u of birthdays. Lock screen cal. is enough not to miss anything in your cal.

  2. I installed it, and I put it in categories. The reminder does not work when the log is in categorries.

  3. Nicholas Wong says

    I already installed the ibirthdays software and I also bought from it as well but I didn’t receive any Activation Code … anyone can help me solve this problem?

    • BlitzedATL says

      Same here, I bought it.. no activation code yet.. Did you ever get yours?

    • Nicholas Wong says

      No … don’t know what’s wrong with it but is still charged into my credit card …