Birthday Cal Push – Import Contacts’ Birthday’s into Calendar

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Birthday Cal Push Birthday Cal Push is an application that will put your Contacts’ birthday’s into your stock Calendar application. I was actually totally stoked to see this application. As far as I know, this is the first app of this type.

Once installed, all you have to do is tap on the Birthday Cal Push icon and the application will open and close. In theory, all your contacts’ birthday’s will then be in your Calendar. However, this application did not work for me. I tapped on the icon, it opened and closed, I went to my Calendar and I got nothing. So, I gave it another shot…still nothing. I even tried entering a new birthday for one of my contacts and then running the Birthday Cal Push app.

Well, somewhere along the line, my Calendar application was not happy with the Birthday Cal Push application and now my Calendar no longer functions. If I try to open my stock Calendar, it opens briefly and then closes again and I cannot seem to fix it (yes, I tried respringing, restarting, uninstalling, reinstalling and rerunning the application). So, I would say use this app with caution or maybe just wait for the next update.

Birthday Cal Push is available via the BigBoss source.


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  1. I found a solution for u guys who have the Calendar crash issue after installed and tried Birthdat Cal Push app:
    Uninstall Birthday Cal Push -> SSH into ur device-> private/var/mobile/Library-> delete the folder Calendar ->sync your iPhone with iTunes -> done -> open your Calendar app and all will be fine and back again!

    Calendar app works!

    • Hi,
      I removed/uninstall the app (“birthdaycalpush”) from Cydia (by pressing the “x” using the cygdelete) now i can’t install it again… any suggestion?

    • JoblessPunk says

      This doesn’t work.
      my calender is still messed up and doesn’t show the date. I’m recovering my phone right now…. this app sucks. I don’t know if it ever worked but if sure does mess up your phone.

  2. *sorry* Birthday should it be NOT Birthdat as I wrote before! *oops*

  3. pdrake007 says

    This is what I have been waiting for! I just dont want it to mess up my iphone, has anyone else had any success/failure yet?

  4. It worked for me and my cal application is functioning normally.

  5. iphonejunky says

    the app itself keeps crashing for say dont use till its stable

  6. Mi Calendar App crashes also, i recomend do not use this App.

  7. Krivo666 says

    I tried it. I opened app it automaticly closed so I tried second time and the same thing, so I checked Calendar app and found there added birthdays but only ones I’ve added trough FeX (Facebook friends birthday import). So I’m really confused why it’s that way. I have lots of contacts with birthdays I manually added and just couple from Facebook. And btw when I open Calendar app and touch ”Calendars” buttom in the top left corner it gives me option to choose which events I want to see in Calendar (imported birthdays, calendar events or both)

  8. Yep….the app keeps crashing on me as well. Tried everything with it except SSHing (which i am not adept at). For now, I am happy with HappyDayz, which i bought from Appstore ages ago.

    • In iCal prefs you can choose to show birthday calendar, which keeps birthdays sync with address book. When syncing this calendar with your iPhone, there’s no need for an app, is there?

    • pdrake007 says

      @ MrO:
      Yup you’re right so this is mainly for the pc users

  9. Hi.

    This application is a great idea.
    But if you run it twice, you get everything twice in the calendar…
    And it can’t no more be found since with firmware 3

    • Martin Quist says

      That’s true ! i can not be found in OS 3.0. Now why is that ?
      I found Birthday cal Push to be teriffic ! When I finally found the solution I’d been looking for ! :/

      you guys just let me know when it’s up and running again !

  10. App is gone… anyone?!?

  11. App is gone .. anyone knows where to find it?

  12. Still no any news?
    Can’t find this app in cydia…

  13. yes, can’t find it too. why is it gone? it is the best birthday app (for me)! :(

  14. Any news for this great app?