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Available In: Cydia       Price: 3 Day Trial then ?   

Dictionary Judging by the title of the application, I figured this application would be a dictionary for your iPhone or iPod Touch. You know, look up words and find their definitions. Well, upon installing and reviewing the app…I found that it is actually a translation dictionary.

Dictionary will come with a few translation dictionaries already installed. If you select the settings icon in the lower left corner, you can delete those dictionaries and choose the ones that suit you best. In the Settings you can choose the size of the font, edit the list of dictionaries that are installed and download new dictionaries. The dictionaries that are available for download are in categories based on the language you would like to translate from. The languages include; Danish, English, Bulgarian, French, German, Hungarian and Russian. Once you choose the language you would like to translated from (say English) you will then get a list of of languages to translate to. For Example, English to Latin or English to Spanish or English to French…etc.

To search for a word, just start typing the word into the search bar on the main page. It will bring up a list of relevant words. Once you have found the word you are looking for, select it. You will get a list of that word translated into all the languages that you down-loaded.

This application come with a free three day trial and then you have to resister it. I would tell you how much it is but, when you try to register it…you get a page saying the account has been suspended.

Overall, a pretty basic application with a pretty basic design and user interface. However, it would be a useful app for those times when you need to quickly translate a word! I would like to see the dictionaries have a little better titles once installed. You can get Dictionary via the iSpazio source.


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