Lasers – Make the Lasers Pass Through all the Diamonds

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

Lasers Lasers (formally known as Nodes) is an application in which you have to drag the nodes around inorder to move the lasers so that they are passing through every diamond on the screen. At first, it is very simple and doesn’t take a whole lot of brain power but, it quickly becomes difficult and you have to kick those problem-solving skills into gear.

To move the nodes, just drag them around. The game does support mutli-touch which allows you to move more than one node at a time. As you get to the upper levels, some of the nodes become stationary and cannot be moved.

The game comes with 40 levels (however, I cannot seem to get past level 9…I will keep trying, I’m addicted and my competitiveness wont let me quit!) and a few option. You can change choose between three colors schemes (red, green and blue) and turn the sound on/off. I personally am not huge on the sounds affects. If you play for a long period of time they can get a little annoying especially when you are really trying to concentrate.

Overall a nicely designed, easy to learn, challenging, addicting and entertaining game…what more can you ask for. For $0.99 it is definitely worth a download!

Note: Doug just passed level 9…he’s still playing so, I don’t know how far he will get but, at least he got past level 9.



Demo Video

Click HERE to watch Lasers on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. Fun game! So far my highest is 15.

  2. Very good game! :D

  3. fadyheiba93 says

    Could anyone pleeeeeaaase tell me how to pass level 9 because i’m really getting bored of this awesome game because of this damn level!! Any screenshot, youtube video or anything!! Thanks a million in advance

  4. Anyone get by level 23 yet, I’m stuck

  5. stuck at level 39. HELP

  6. ipod guy says

    i got stuck on level 17 i cant make it can someone help

  7. Please send me an email with the printscreen of level 23.
    I think it’s a bug, because it’s impossible…..
    My email is: “”

  8. 3karebears says

    I have the free version of lasers and am on level 41. I’ve tried every position I can think of. Can anyone help me out?

  9. 3karebears says

    I beat level 41 and then beat the rest of the game. But I drew a picture of it after I beat it. Here goes, take one of the end lasers end pointing up and bring it bown through the center line of gems, take the 2nd laser and go through 3 gems left. Take the 3rd laser and go up through the next two gems at an angle towards the top of the screen, then with laser 4 go straight down through the next line of 5 gems. Take laser 5 through the gem to the right at an angle and up through the bottom gem on the far right, with laser 6 go up at an angle through the next two gems to the top of the screen. Then with the last laser go straight down through the last 5 gems! Then yay, you win! : )

  10. Can anyone help me on level 43 please :(

  11. stuck at level 19

  12. I’m stuck on 10. Any advice?

  13. Why is my level 27 different from others’ ? =(
    I have 18 diamonds here…..

  14. pls tell anyone level 43 it is very hard